Yotian Soldier > Runed Servitor

Torment > Demonic VigorLeave in the Dust > UnwindRuned Servitor > Sparring ConstructBeneath the Sands > Grow from the Ashes

DOM updates

Seek the Wilds > Adventurous ImpulseTumble Magnet > Voltaic ServantBarbed Sextant > Skittering SurveyorSteadfast Cathar > Tragic Poet


Found a few foils of Pauper staples, that really ought to have been in the cube all along... I mean Brainstorm? Doom Blade? Hello?? Since many are foils it was a good opportunity to make some updates. Also adding Frogmite because there's a growing Artifacts Matter theme that I want to support just a bit more.
Wind Drake > Elusive SpellfistProbe > Forbidden AlchemySip of Hemlock > Doom BladeVessel of Paramnesia > BrainstormCathar's Shield > FrogmiteHaunted Fengraf > Radiant Fountain

Child of Night > Defiant Salvager

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