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Electrolyze > Beacon BoltPromise of Bunrei > Roc ChargerAgony Warp > Nightveil PredatorIzzet Charm > Crackling DrakeSpikeshot Goblin > Goblin CratermakerStun Sniper > Truefire CaptainAct of Aggression > Electrostatic FieldDeadeye Brawler > DiscoveryCatacomb Sifter > Status

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Beacon Bolt Crackling Drake Boros Challenger Truefire Captain Golgari Findbroker Status/Statue Conclave Cavalier Discovery/Disc Nightveil Predator Murmuring Mystic Nightveil Sprite ElectroStatic Fields Goblin Cratermaker Gird for Battle Roc Charger Sunhome Stalwart

Yavimaya Elder > Dryad Greenseeker

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