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Ixalan Upgrades

Imprisoned in the Moon out..........Sorcerous Spyglass in, I love pithing needle effects in the cube, Phyrexian Revoker is awesome and having a third effect like this is really sweet, also the looking at the hand makes it possible to stifle a future problem, love it, definitely to me at least, worth the extra mana in the casting cost.
Sorcerous SpyglassChart a CourseHostage TakerImprisoned in the MoonRecoilCounterflux

Wildfire out..........Consuls Lieutenant in, I've been trying to make room for this as a white two drop for testing, i think its on the border and pending the next solid white two drop it will be swiftly ousted, if it was White and 1 instead of the double white id be way more excited but testing will see. Wildfire is not an archetype I have room to support unfortunately.
Consul's LieutenantWildfire

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