Stroke of GeniusFiredrinker Satyr

Prophetic Bolt out........Dark Depths in, So ive been meaning to make room for Dark depths for awhile, it makes the Vampire Hexmage combo possible, and I enjoy cute combos being hidden in the cube, its fun. Prophetic Bolt was a 10nth pick for izzet and now that the numbers are no longer balanced its an easy cut.
Prophetic BoltDark Depths

Dark Petition out.......Augur of Bolas in, The Augur was a card I considered early on but lost out to cuts then, but rewatching pro tours around its standard legality showed me the power of the card, you want it in blue/white, you want it in blue/black. Its a solid 2 in blue that furthers the spells matter archetype without having to be in a dedicated spells matter izzet build. Dark petition seems to be a storm card and goes last pick too often.
Dark PetitionAugur of Bolas

Lion's eye Diamond out........Elvish Visionary in, So the visionary should be in every cube, and as one of my favorite cards ever, (LSV's Favorite) its so beautiful, I mean the design is such so that you look at it and its like meh, seems fine and then everytime you play it you just think, this is great. The lions eye diamond is another storm card that I am witling out of the cube.
Lion's Eye DiamondElvish Visionary

Tajuru Preserver out..................Sundering titan in, The Preservers effect was cute in unpowered cube, providing a Sigarda style effect for 2 mana, seems fine against any controlly black deck. But honestly doesn't cut it and is too narrow in powered. Sundering Titan provides another colourless reanimation target.
Tajuru PreserverSundering Titan

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