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Rivals of Ixilan Upgrades

Rivals of Ixilan is honestly a pretty disappointing set in terms of cube, we did get 2 slight upgrades to previously mediocre cards, but nothing to really push forward any exhausting archetypes or create new ones, anyway without further ado... Skinrender out................Ravenous Chupacabre in, When the Chupacabre was spoiled I kind of had a moment of "ugggh really?" I mean the arts not that great, the design is boring, but the card clearly has to replace on of the two other 4 CMC 2 Black casting cost creatures that has a kill spell as an ETB effect, those being Nekataal and Skinrender, then the question was just which was better, In the cube the enter the battlefield triggers of the creatures kill Skinrender - 194 Nekataal - 225 Ravenous Chupacabre - 279 So then it was whether being a 3/3 is enough better then a 2/1 first strike to make up for the 31 extra targets, and ultimately I decided it does not, the last thing to consider is that Skinrender can kill indestuctible creatures, out of the 15 cards in the cube that mention indestructible, this kills 3, and can also kill creatures effected by Boros Charm, Archangel Avacyn and Selfless Spirit, This is negligible and didn't count for much in my final decision to cut Skinrender. Im not particularly happy about it but this card will most likely be sticking around for awhile. Dragon Hunter out...............Skymarcher Aspirant In, This is an upgrade of literally the smallest of margins, 98% of the time Dragon Hunter is just a 2/1 for 1 white mana, and 95% of the time Skymarcher Aspirant is a 2/1 for 1 white mana, but because it is in my estimation a very very slight upgrade, boring, I wish we could get a White one drop with goblin guide power level (yes I know we have Mother of Runes, im greedy okay?). And yeah, thats it, two unhappy, unexciting upgrades. Staying beyond hopeful for Dominaria.
Ravenous ChupacabraSkinrenderSkymarcher AspirantDragon Hunter

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