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5 in 5 out

Legacy's Allure out.....................Dissolve in, I felt i was slightly lacking in 3 mana counters for control decks, dissolve seems solid, plus because of standards current attitude towards counterspell power level I am not sure this will have any competition for awhile, legacys allure is sweet turn 2, and is the single worst top deck in any control deck, youd honestly rather have a land. For that reason and the fact it is comically slow, its out. Catacomb Sifter out......................Kjedoran Outpost in, This is another card trying to strengthen the white based decks which in my opinion are the weakest point of the cube right now, thereofore it is a priority to make mono-white and also white green tokens stronger, the addition of Legions Landing and this should help, but I will discuss fully in the next post, the outpost is also a real win condition in a blue white control deck, so that is additional upside for a cool and powerful utility land. Catacomb Sifter is very meh, my black green deck is more about land recursion and value, there is no real sacrifice package in my cube, therefore the card underpreforms. Chandra, Pyromaster out...................Avalanche Riders in, I have gone back and forth on the Riders, but i now see that it more fits into red white decks with effects like flicker wisp and resto angel, i think the card is very good in reality, excited to double strip mine my opponent. The pyromaster is the weakest of the red planeswalker sweet, unfortunately her 1 damage ability is just so often not enough to properly protect her in cube, and because of that she falls short, I think Sarkhan is better and I do not currently run him either. Vengevine out..............Negate in, Negate is another card that ive had internal debates about for awhile, but its cheap, I believe it is main deckable, its just the case that in a powered cube most of the powerful spells happen to not be creatures, does it suck when you main deck this against the mono green deck playing 2 instants/sorcerys total? yes, but in the vast amount of matchups I think this will counter something relevent and you will be very happy about it. Vengevine is a constructed trap, I do not support green aggro, I think the card is not for cube without heavy themes supporting it. Wake Thrasher out......................Rampaging Forocidon in
Legacy's AllureDissolveCatacomb SifterKjeldoran OutpostChandra, PyromasterAvalanche RidersVengevineNegateWake ThrasherRampaging Ferocidon

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Blue- 41/95 Green- 45/90 Black- 36/90 Red- 62/93 White- 45/91 1 pending Multi-color- 65/175 Colorless- 31/87 324/720 blue twos creatures black 6's creatures harmonize sin prodder become emsense acorder paladin imperieal recruter

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