Misc changes

Another compilation of singular changes! I'm trying to combine changes into categories to make reading easier. Looters are in very high demand in the cube due to the amount of decks that need their grave and hand filled with very specific cards, so I'm adding another one. In a similar vein, Squee, Goblin Nabob is also added. Elder Deep-Fiend felt awkward, and Ancient Stone Idol seems like it could do sweet things for a variety of archetypes. Fauna Shaman! I like this card. A lot. It goes real well in Golgari "Undergrowth", which is getting a lot closer to being a real Rec/Sur/Pod deck. Brindle Shoat is here for a similar reason. - - - [ Token stuff ] - - - Enchantresses get the cut! In place, more token stuff (+ Fauna Shaman)! Mirror Entity should do some cool stuff with an army and combat math. Trostani help out tokens quite a bit, and also really likes getting blinked. - - - - - - [ Burn stuff ] - - - I decided that I didn't want two Wildfires, and was at the same time looking to add Blast from the Past, so that just sorta worked out. I like Bloodhall Ooze, but it was in a weird color for what it did, compared to what the cube does, and I wanted to add another burn card for both aggro and spellslingers. Fiery Confluence is dope. It just is. It might not stay due to its fairly high price point, but I hope it does. Chimera hasn't done anything in a long time, so for now its taking a break. - - - _ _ _ _ _ Abzan Falconer > Mirror Entity Frost Titan > Dream Eater Augur of Bolas > Thought Courier Yahenni's Expertise > Night Incarnate Bloodhall Ooze > Chain Lightning Volatile Chimera > Fiery Confluence Magus of the Wheel > Squee, Goblin Nabob Argothian Enchantress > Fauna Shaman Champion of Lambholt > Brindle Shoat Weight Advantage > Summoner's Bond Armadillo Cloak > Trostani Discordant
Burning of Xinye > Blast from the PastElder Deep-Fiend > Ancient Stone Idol

Refining 58: More (more) lands!

It was bothering me that there were slightly more allied lands, and I still wasn't entirely satisfied with the amount of fixing. Hopefully this fixes both problems.
Cascade BluffsFlooded GroveRugged PrairieTwilight MireFetid HeathFumbleDanitha Capashen, ParagonStitcher's SupplierGhoultreeShaman of the Great Hunt

Market Festival felt awkward, and since most of the high-cmc cards are creatures anyway, Sage made more sense.
Market Festival > Somberwald Sage

Weeding out some more zombie cards

Rakshasa Gravecaller > Priest of the Blood Rite Graveborn Muse > Liliana's Reaver (This might become Gonti later) Diregraf Captain > Thief of Sanity Gisa and Geralf > Disciple of Deceit
Dark Salvation > Price of FameGifts Ungiven > Sinister Sabotage

Refining 57: Labman cuts

Talrand, Sky Summoner > Murmuring Mystic
Laboratory Maniac > QuasiduplicateMemory's Journey > SleepWonder > Fumble

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