Refining 37: Black tweaking

As much as I want it to, traditional aggro just does not work that well in FFA, so I've decided to give a bit more support to zombies and the aristocrats theme. (I am aware that Custodi Lich is a zombie, and one of the few remaining monarch cards, but it just wasn't very good.) Other than that, I just really wanted to have Kokusho and Phyrexian Arena in here.
Custodi Lich > Kokusho, the Evening StarConsuming Vapors > Phyrexian ArenaKitesail Freebooter > Nether TraitorStinkweed Imp > Plague BelcherYahenni, Undying Partisan > Carrion Feeder

Quick change

This is one I'm quite unsure of. Mogg provides three bodies for aristocrats, is a goblin for Siege-Gang and Rabblemaster, but Aether Chaser's body is so much better. I'll give Chaser a chance, but it's quite likely that I'll switch back.
Mogg War Marshal > Aether Chaser

Refining 36: Death of Heroes

The heroic theme was a leftover from the cube's inception, but has over time gotten so much stripped from it that there's no point in keeping it. Anax and Cymede get to stay until I find a better replacement.
Reckless Charge > Stromkirk NobleAkroan Conscriptor > Goblin Dark-DwellersFabled Hero > Ghostblade Eidolon


Frost Titan was already the worst of the titans, and only becomes worse in multiplayer. Gearhulk fills a similar role and should function a lot better.
Frost Titan > Torrential Gearhulk

Brisela v2

We decided that Bruna didn't warrant a spot on her own. Whoever drafts Gisela also gets a copy of Bruna at the end of the draft. I still hate Captured by the Consulate, but until I find something better to cut it for, it stays.
Bruna, the Fading Light > Captured by the Consulate

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