Congratulations, Jeremy!

After a slow start against Andrew's BRG Ramp deck, Jeremy took out Ryan's WUB Exploit deck 2-1 and destroyed my RWb Go Wide deck 2-0 to win the Tarkir Tourney! Jeremy's WB deck emphasized Warriors with Bolster and lifegain subthemes. Well done, Jeremy!

Tarkir Tourney

EVENT DETAILS * What: We will be busting out this entire 270-card Tarkir Cube for an ultimate winner-takes-all battle. * When: Saturday, August 26th at 6:30 PM * Where: My New Place in Richmond * Who: Flood (me), Andrew, Ryan, Jeremy; maybe Trevor, and/or Ryan's buddy and/or wife! * With: I usually have a big pot of chili and a bottle of wine on hand, but I might mix it up with some homemade pizza this time. Feel free to bring anything else you'd like! PREPARATION If you are so inclined, you can practice drafting this cube online right here on CubeTutor; just pick "Draft" from the "Playtest" menu above. Be sure to set the pack size to 9, packs to 5, and number of bots to 5. Do note that the AI hasn't been "trained," so the decks you build will probably be sick. You might get a more realistic feel for the set by doing Sealed. RULES No matter what, we will start off with a booster draft of five packs of nine cards. The rest will vary by the number of players: 1. With four, we will do a round robin tournament, in which every player has a best-of-three match with every other player. The player who wins the most matches will win the set! 2. With five, we will do a variant of a five-player free-for-all in which you win a match if the two players across from you are eliminated. The first player to win two of these matches will win the set! 3. With six, we will do three-on-three teams. During the draft, you will sit between two of your opponents. Then, every player will go against each player on the opposing team in a best-of-three match. The player with the best record on the winning team will win the set! Ties will be broken by the record of the opponent to your left and your right in the draft, in that order.