Another Dragon

Deciding to experiment with Yosei after long consideration; Scourglass has been underperforming greatly, and is now being cut.
Scourglass > Yosei, the Morning Star

Another Shock

Wardriver didn't make the cut in most decks, due to it being double-red. Giving Forked Bolt a try; it's a sorcery, but efficient.
Goblin Wardriver > Forked Bolt

Cutting Underperformers

Cutting underperformers in general; adding more removal-spells and more artifacts (cards that are good in artifact-decks, but also good on their own). Also giving the Madcap-Emperion Como and Staff-Worker Combo a try.
Hallowed Spiritkeeper > Elspeth, Knight-ErrantNyx-Fleece Ram > Kami of Ancient LawKnight of the White Orchid > Keening ApparitionQuarantine Field > ScourglassWindbrisk Heights > Darksteel MutationCapsize > Sleight of HandForbid > ImpulseNimble Obstructionist > Champion of WitsEssence Extraction > Ruinous PathPhyrexian Arena > Cast DownNecropotence > RegicideNecro-Impotence > Executioner's CapsuleChandra, Pyromaster > Combustible GearhulkFeldon of the Third Path > Galvanic BlastReckless Bushwhacker > Subterranean TremorsUrza's Rage > Burst LightningThrough the Breach > Madcap ExperimentUntamed Kavu > Elvish VisionaryMosswort Bridge > Sylvok ReplicaBlossoming Defense > Farhaven ElfPsychatog > Tezzeret, Agent of BolasProfane Procession > Tidehollow ScullerResponse > Wear // TearCity of Traitors > Staff of Domination

Cutting Underperformers (minor update)

Sword of the Meek > Urza's BaubleSkyrider Elf > Mishra's BaubleThopter Foundry > Chromium, the MutableSiege Rhino > Ready // WillingSavage Knuckleblade > Yasova DragonclawWoolly Thoctar > Skyshroud ElfOkiba-Gang Shinobi > Phyrexian ReclamationOona's Prowler > OublietteNinja of the Deep Hours > Academy RuinsGush > Faerie Conclave

Cutting Underperformers (minor update)

Greenwheel Liberator > Devoted DruidButcher of the Horde > Alesha, Who Smiles at DeathManamorphose > Arlinn KordGhor-Clan Rampager > Khenra CharioteerLotus Blossom > Coldsteel HeartOracle's Vault > Scuttling Doom Engine

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