Major Cube Update

0.98: The color distributions are remaining the same; all that is changing in this update are the cards. 0.99: Cards being cut doesn't mean that I think they are unplayable/bad, nor does it make them unplayable/bad; it simply means they have been underperforming severely and consistently at drafts and sealed-events. 1. Precinct Captain, Spear of Heliod, and Accorder Paladin were all severe underperformers (with the exception of Mono-White Aggro decks). 2. Stalking Leonin wasn't underperforming severely, but was easy enough to deal with and/or play around that most decks would prefer a better Hatebear (i.e., Devoted Caretaker) 3. Kjeldoran Outpost (like the other Alliances lands) was severely underperforming (once again, like previously mentioned cards, with the exception of Mono-White Aggro), so it was picked very late and rarely run. 4. ALL Blue cuts were severe underperformers (with very few, disparate exceptions) and are therefore being cut for more versatile, powerful, and/or reliable cards. 5. Ammit Eternal was too high-variance; against Control and Combo it had virtually no downside, but up against Midrange and Aggro it was extremely easy to deal with (and therefore is being cut for Seekers' Squire, which is universally playable in Black decks). 5. ALL Red cuts were severe underperformers with few-to-no exceptions; therefore, their replacements are more universally playable. 6. Ohran Viper wasn't severely underperforming, but was picked very late in packs and only usually run in Mono-Green. Furthermore, most Green decks that picked it deliberately didn't run it anyway, as it mainly only fit into Aggro-based shells or Midrange variants. 7. Life / Death is just another Reanimate, for the most part, but Slimefoot was severely underperforming (so the timing is perfect, in order to maintain a proper color-distribution). 8. Ruhan is a heavy-hitter and a long-time personal-favorite of mine. I have chosen to experiment with him with high hopes, in addition to the fact that Wandering Champion was severely underperforming and picked very late in its packs. 9. Neither Kiora nor Reckoner were severely underperforming, but were too narrow (in contrast, Flamewright is good in many RWx decks and Krasis is good in most GUx decks). 10. ALL Colorless cuts were severe underperformers (being picked late in packs and rarely run in decks); the reasoning for the choices of their replacements varies (see below for more details). 11. EE is a versatile effect that can be used in most decks, but also rewards splashing colors and quality-fixing. 12. Winter Orb has neat interactions with effects like Deceiver Exarch and Opposition, in addition to being extraordinarily efficient against most Midrange and Control decks (as well as many, but not the majority of, Combo and Aggro decks). 13. Summoner's Bond and Sentinel Dispatch have been added after long consideration, and I have high hopes for them. 14. Sundering Titan is extremely efficient in grindy matchups and is yet another card to cheat out (with effects like Tinker, Reanimate, Sneak Attack, Eureka, Quicksilver Amulet, etc.) 15. Darksteel Citadel is useful because it doesn't usually take up a 'spell-slot' and also provides synergy for artifact decks. It was chosen instead of the other parts of the cycle because it can't be destroyed by artifact removal, preventing 2-for-1s from your opponent (e.g., Knight of Autumn, Kolaghan's Command, would both be able to target LANDS). 16. Bomber-Man Combo with Auriok Salvagers and other sac-mana-rocks (predominantly Black Lotus), in addition to synergizing with cards like Pyrite Spellbomb, Mishra's Bauble, etc. 17. Servant-Stone combo with Grindstone and Painter's Servant; insta-kill in most cases, in addition to Painter's Servant being semi-playable in many decks and Grindstone being playable in almost all decks.
Precinct Captain > Elite VanguardSpear of Heliod > Expedition EnvoyAccorder Paladin > Savannah LionsKjeldoran Outpost > Auriok SalvagersStalking Leonin > Devoted CaretakerCensor > Torrential GearhulkRiverwise Augur > Reality ShiftEternal of Harsh Truths > Mesmerizing BenthidFrost Walker > Icefall RegentSoldevi Excavations > Sphinx of ForesightStorm Fleet Aerialist > NegateWarkite Marauder > FabricateAmmit Eternal > Seekers' SquireDualcaster Mage > Rekindling PhoenixStormblood Berserker > Pyrite SpellbombBalduvian Trading Post > Curse of OpulenceOhran Viper > Biogenic OozeSlimefoot, the Stowaway > Life // DeathWandering Champion > Ruhan of the FomoriKiora, the Crashing Wave > Bounding KrasisBoros Reckoner > FlamewrightLifecrafter's Bestiary > Sentinel DispatchOrazca Relic > Darksteel CitadelThrone of the High City > Engineered ExplosivesArch of Orazca > GrindstoneThaumatic Compass > Painter's ServantGhost Quarter > Summoner's BondRhonas's Monument > Winter OrbBlasted Landscape > Sundering Titan

Another Funny Card

Spent some time thinking on it and reviewing some of the rulings, and have decided to add Split Screen. Isolated Watchtower has been performing extremely poorly, and I have high hopes for Split Screen.
Isolated Watchtower > Split Screen

Another Demon

Lake of the Dead has consistently been an underperformer, so I thought that I'd give Spawn of Mayhem a try.
Lake of the Dead > Spawn of Mayhem

RNA Update and Cutting Low-Tier Combos

The persist combos were extremely underperforming, and the Anafenza combos were performing even less well. Gisela seems like a very good addition (at worst, it's very similar to Lyra or Baneslayer), so I figured I would spend some time tinkering with Bruna, as well. Hydroid Krasis is a card that I am generally excited for, but I don't know how it will perform (but, once again, I think it is worth tinkering with). Vannifar is nowhere near as powerful as Birthing Pod, but she is still extraordinarily powerful (in addition to the fact that if a deck is running Pod, that deck can use Pod to search for Vannifar). I have high expectations for her. Gatecreeper Vine is about halfway between Wall of Roots and Elvish Visionary (which are both regularly-played in most green decks), despite its ability to fetch gates being irrelevant. Other than the explicitly mentioned cards, most of these are cards that are very versatile (especially the split-cards like Depose//Deploy, as well as the removal cards like Bedevil).
Trygon Predator > Hydroid KrasisBounty of the Luxa > Incubation // IncongruityEdric, Spymaster of Trest > Prime Speaker VannifarKhenra Charioteer > Gruul SpellbreakerGeist of Saint Traft > Depose // DeploySpell Queller > Deputy of DetentionMurderous Redcap > BedevilVizier of Remedies > Bruna, the Fading LightAnafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit > Gisela, the Broken BladeBramble Sovereign > CreeperhulkDevoted Druid > Gatecreeper VineCarrion Feeder > GutterbonesBlood Baron of Vizkopa > Seraph of the Scales

Another Dragon

Deciding to experiment with Yosei after long consideration; Scourglass has been underperforming greatly, and is now being cut.
Scourglass > Yosei, the Morning Star

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