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In the initial edit, I planned on adding Imp's Mischief (and accidentally added it into the final edit). In the final edit, Nihil Spellbomb was supposed to be added.
Imp's Mischief > Nihil Spellbomb

Modern Horizons Update & Color Balancing

Dragon Hunter > Serra the BenevolentLeonin Warleader > Force of VirtueScalelord Reckoner > Giver of RunesMilitia Bugler > Generous GiftAdanto Vanguard > Marble DiamondGlory-Bound Initiate > God-Eternal OketraWharf Infiltrator > Force of NegationDeparted Deckhand > Mirrodin BesiegedWaterfront Bouncer > Sky DiamondFaerie Conclave > More or LessLooter il-Kor > IntuitionKira, Great Glass-Spinner > Nexus of FateBolas's Citadel > EndlingBoneyard Scourge > Charcoal DiamondLiving Death > DefileNight's Whisper > Imp's MischiefLanguish > Doom BladeOb Nixilis Reignited > Liliana, Dreadhorde GeneralThree-Headed Goblin > Orcish HellraiserHellrider > Fire DiamondGhitu Encampment > Chandra, Fire ArtisanHanweir Battlements > Beetleback ChiefHanweir Garrison > PyroclasmBomat Courier > Kozilek's ReturnAhn-Crop Crasher > Fanatical FirebrandBloodrage Brawler > Flame SlashGnarlwood Dryad > HexdrinkerQuirion Elves > Force of VigorRude Awakening > Collector OupheSong of Freyalise > Deep Forest HermitScorned Villager > Springbloom DruidWerebear > Moss DiamondTreetop Village > NaturalizeRishkar, Peema Renegade > Return to NatureFractured Identity > Talisman of ProgressTezzeret, Agent of Bolas > Talisman of DominanceUnlicensed Disintegration > Talisman of IndulgenceArlinn Kord > Talisman of ImpulseAvacyn's Pilgrim > Talisman of UnityTidehollow Sculler > Talisman of HierarchyElves of Deep Shadow > Talisman of ResilienceTamiyo, Collector of Tales > Talisman of CuriosityKeranos, God of Storms > Talisman of CreativitySolar Blaze > Talisman of ConvictionTasigur, the Golden Fang > Prismatic VistaNoble Hierarch > Mox TantaliteSoulfire Grand Master > Sword of Truth and JusticeHellkite Overlord > Sword of Sinew and SteelQueen Marchesa > Sword of War and PeaceDragonlord Ojutai > Teferi, Time RavelerThought Erasure > Thief of SanityBedevil > Olivia VoldarenDragonlord Dromoka > Nature's ChantStillmoon Cavalier > Silent ClearingLeyline Prowler > Nurturing PeatlandHydroid Krasis > Waterlogged GroveIncubation // Incongruity > Ice-Fang CoatlNissa, Steward of Elements > Altered EgoJilt > Fiery IsletAjani Vengeant > Sunbaked CanyonFlamewright > Justice StrikeBloodforged Battle-Axe > Who // What // When // Where // WhyExotic Orchard > Ugin, the IneffableQuicksilver Amulet > BonesplitterFiremind Vessel > Basalt Monolith

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Sphinx of the Final Word > Expedition MapAnafenza, the Foremost > Avacyn's Pilgrim

Color Balancing and Cutting Underperformers

Most tri-color cards weren't being played, therefore I have kept in just enough to keep the colors equally-represented (and specifically the playable ones). This process was done by keeping in one of each of the still-represented pairs (except for Wasitora, which was replaced by Hellkite Overlord) and replacing each of the other color-pairs with a colorless card or a guild-paired card (colorless for Temur, Abzan, Grixis, Esper, and Naya, which weren't represented, ally-paired for Wedges, enemy-paired for Shards).
Wasitora, Nekoru Queen > Hellkite OverlordGoblin Welder > Ingot ChewerDaretti, Scrap Savant > Common IguanaRuhan of the Fomori > Lavinia, Azorius RenegadeLeovold, Emissary of Trest > Ashiok, Dream RenderAlesha, Who Smiles at Death > Fulminator MageRattleclaw Mystic > Ancient GrudgeChromium, the Mutable > Stillmoon CavalierBroodmate Dragon > Elves of Deep ShadowTamiyo, Field Researcher > Tamiyo, Collector of TalesRise // Fall > Saheeli, the GiftedSkyshroud Elf > Solar BlazeNicol Bolas, the Ravager > Mobilized DistrictPalladia-Mors, the Ruiner > Renegade MapReady // Willing > Everflowing ChaliceYasova Dragonclaw > Jeweled AmuletUrza, Academy Headmaster > Najeela, the Blade-Blossom

WAR Edit & Cutting Underperformers

0.8 As always, as a preface, keep in mind that just because I am cutting a card doesn't mean that the card is in any way "unplayable" or "useless". Rather, it means that it doesn't fit into the limited format of the Cube in a consistently playable way and/or it is generally underpowered in relation to other archetypes in the Cube. 0.9 Many of the aggro-based cards that are being cut in this update are being cut due to the fact that, in many cases (both recent and older), aggro decks got empty hands and couldn't reliably make a comeback (in the way that other archetypes often could). Because of this, all exclusively-aggressive creatures (e.g., Carnophage, Falkenrath Gorger, Pelt Collector) are being cut. However, aggressive creatures which fit into other archetypes as well as tipping-the-scales in favor of aggro-decks are being kept in the Cube (e.g., Adanto Vanguard, Gutterbones, Legion Warboss). These cuts were made based on the frequency of cards being played as well as based on the frequency of said cards being picked from the packs themselves. 1.0 For Skymarcher Aspirant and Oketra's Avenger, see note 0.9. 1.1 Boreas Charger is being cut due to being played only in combat-based Midrange decks (as well as a small number of combat-based Ramp decks). 1.2 Unexpectedly Absent is being cut due to mostly only appearing in Control decks (as well as appearing predominantly in Blue and/or Black decks but rarely Red and/or Green decks). 2.0 Dream Eater is being cut due to it being outclassed by other threats (e.g., Icefall Regent, Mesmerizing Benthid, Meloku the Clouded Mirror); it was rarely an underperformer in the games in which it was played, but it was rarely in Mono-Blue and therefore unnecessary to include in most decks which picked it. 2.1 Sinister Sabotage is being cut due to being outclassed by other counterspells as well as being played almost-exclusively in graveyard-based Control and/or Midrange decks. 2.2 Arcane Artisan is being cut due to being outclassed by virtually-all other alternatives for it (e.g., Show and Tell, Sneak Attack, Quicksilver Amulet) 3.0 For Diregraf Ghoul, Carnophage, Gravecrawler, Tormented Hero, Vampire Lacerator, Gnarled Scarhide, Asylum Visitor, Zulaport Cutthroat, Mardu Strike Leader, Sarcomancy, and Blood Artist, see note 0.9. 3.1 Hypnotic Specter is being cut due to its infrequency of being played, its difficulty of playing on-curve, and being played almost-exclusively in aggro-decks. 4.0 For Falkenrath Gorger, Zurgo Bellstriker, Goblin Guide, Borderland Marauder, Earthshaker Khenra, Avalanche Riders, see note 0.9 4.1 Char is being cut due to being outclassed by other burn-spells (e.g., Shock, Lightning Strike, Exquisite Firecraft) 4.2 Curse of Opulence is being cut due to mostly only being played in Aggro decks. 5.0 For all Green cards, see note 0.9. 6.0 For Rakdos Cackler, Gruul Spellbreaker, and Dryad Militant, see note 0.9. 6.1 Dovin, Grand Arbiter is being cut due to underperformance in all non-aggro decks. 6.2 Mirari's Wake is being cut due to underperformance. 6.3 Vraska the Unseen is being cut due to being outclassed by other ongoing-threats and planeswalkers. 6.4 Skysovereign, Consul Flagship is being cut due to underperformance. 6.5 Ghirapur Orrery is being cut due to being played exclusively in aggro-decks.
Skymarcher Aspirant > Gideon BlackbladeOketra's Avenger > Unbreakable FormationBoreas Charger > Tithe TakerUnexpectedly Absent > Prison RealmDream Eater > Fblthp, the LostArcane Artisan > God-Eternal KefnetSinister Sabotage > Venser, Shaper SavantDiregraf Ghoul > Massacre GirlCarnophage > Eternal TaskmasterGravecrawler > Bolas's CitadelHypnotic Specter > Davriel, Rogue ShadowmageAsylum Visitor > Bloodline KeeperTormented Hero > Entomber ExarchVampire Lacerator > Vindictive LichGnarled Scarhide > Consuming VaporsZulaport Cutthroat > Ravenous RatsMardu Strike Leader > Corrupt Court OfficialSarcomancy > Dirty RatBlood Artist > Burglar RatFalkenrath Gorger > Ilharg, the Raze-BoarZurgo Bellstriker > Chandra's TriumphGoblin Guide > Neheb, Dreadhorde ChampionBorderland Marauder > Jaya's GreetingEarthshaker Khenra > Skarrgan HellkiteAvalanche Riders > Stormbreath DragonChar > Draconic RoarCurse of Opulence > Volatile ChimeraDryad Arbor > Paradise DruidExperiment One > Chameleon ColossusPelt Collector > Oath of NissaWolfbitten Captive > Wall of RootsHeir of the Wilds > Vivien, Champion of the WildsResilient Khenra > Nature's LoreThorn Lieutenant > FarseekShellephant > Three VisitsDovin, Grand Arbiter > Dovin's VetoRakdos Cackler > Angrath's RampageGruul Spellbreaker > Domri, Anarch of BolasDryad Militant > Gaddock TeegMirari's Wake > Dragonlord DromokaVraska the Unseen > Leyline ProwlerSkysovereign, Consul Flagship > Mana GeodeGhirapur Orrery > Firemind Vessel

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