Continued War of the Spark Changes

Oops... Removed the wrong card. Been liking Lazav. Feldon is busted though.
Feldon of the Third Path > Lazav, the Multifarious

War of the Spark Changes

Some cards are that are shown as being removed are being placed in on of the two new modules that should be finished by the Modern Horizons changes. These are Oaths & Walkers and Graveaggro. Modern Horizons will also introduce the new snow module. Some changes represent the final card that came out for the new card, but does involve other cards in between that changed modules. Example: Card A replaces card B in module 1, then card B replaces card C in module 2, then card C replaces card D in module 3. However, that ends up being shown as card A replaces card D.
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad > Sorin, Vengeful BloodlordElenda, the Dusk Rose > Bolas's CitadelSphinx's Tutelage > Ashiok, Dream RenderDiabolic Edict > Liliana's TriumphHazoret the Fervent > Neheb, Dreadhorde ChampionAshiok, Nightmare Weaver > Jace, Wielder of MysteriesPutrid Leech > Leyline ProwlerDark Confidant > Paradise DruidDivest > Casualties of WarGnarlwood Dryad > DeathsproutLazav, the Multifarious > Tamiyo, Collector of TalesGreen Sun's Zenith > Finale of DevastationKozilek's Return > Bolt BendKiora, the Crashing Wave > Kiora, Behemoth BeckonerEsperzoa > Silent SubmersibleJor Kadeen, the Prevailer > Mizzium TankSaheeli, the Gifted > Saheeli, Sublime ArtificerWarleader's Helix > Finale of PromiseHour of Devastation > Solar BlazeJace Beleren > Narset, Parter of VeilsRibbons of Night > Enter the God-EternalsKirtar's Wrath > Time WipeGhoulcaller Gisa > Eternal SkylordMardu Strike Leader > Vizier of the ScorpionDregscape Zombie > Eternal TaskmasterPhyrexian Reclamation > Stitcher's SupplierUgin, the Spirit Dragon > Ugin, the IneffableSerra Avenger > Feather, the RedeemedBirthing Pod > Vivien's ArkbowPhyrexian Rager > Fblthp, the LostAngrath, the Flame-Chained > God-Eternal BontuAttrition > Spark HarvestViral Drake > Grateful ApparitionEzuri, Claw of Progress > Flux ChannelerDreg Mangler > Dreadhorde InvasionOb Nixilis Reignited > Angrath, Captain of ChaosAbzan Ascendancy > Evolution SageLlanowar Reborn > Contentious PlanAbundant Growth > Karn's BastionContagion Clasp > Roalesk, Apex HybridAstral Cornucopia > Merfolk SkydiverSpread the Sickness > Bleeding EdgeVenerated Teacher > Huatli's RaptorEcho Mage > Commence the EndgameCorpsejack Menace > Soul DivinerReyhan, Last of the Abzan > Blast ZoneNarnam Renegade > Mowu, Loyal CompanionEvershrike > Kasmina, Enigmatic MentorJourney to Eternity > Dreadhorde ArcanistUnderrealm Lich > Rubblebelt RiotersNicol Bolas, Planeswalker > Nicol Bolas, Dragon-GodChromanticore > Niv-Mizzet RebornChandra, Torch of Defiance > Chandra, Fire ArtisanKeldon Marauders > Dreadhorde ButcherEver-Watching Threshold > Narset's ReversalHornswoggle > Dovin's VetoPerplexing Chimera > Massacre GirlHeart of Kiran > Tolsimir, Friend to WolvesGenju of the Fields > Awakening of Vitu-GhaziHigure, the Still Wind > Living TwisterTopplegeist > Tomik, Distinguished AdvokistVivien Reid > Vivien, Champion of the Wilds

This time it's actually the last of it...

Lumbering Falls

This should be the last of it...

Cogwork LibrarianConsuming Vapors

And it still continues...

Steam Vents

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