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Another Big Update

I did 2 things I swore I would never do. I reintroduced Lands to the cube and I broke the singleton rule. First I added lands. I love lands, and when I first added it I went overboard trying to support it. Today, I am still adding a lot of cards to support it, but I'm not going quite as deep. Another reason why I can do lands now is I broke singleton and added 5 more fetches. (These will be KTK fetches instead of a mix soon). Fetches are so important to a cube that I'm ok breaking singleton for them, especially if it means lands has a better chance ;) I also added UG Flash so that's cool.
Warkite Marauder > Phantasmal ImageExclusion Mage > Teferi, Mage of ZhalfirSea Gate Oracle > ClocknapperAmmit Eternal > Torment of HailfireRakdos Cackler > Firedrinker SatyrAbbot of Keral Keep > Kari Zev, Skyship RaiderKraul Harpooner > Life from the LoamMomentary Blink > Sphinx's RevelationManagorger Hydra > Vivien, Champion of the WildsThrashing Brontodon > Wayward SwordtoothBeast Within > Azusa, Lost but SeekingGoreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma > Wilderness ReclamationAcidic Slime > Titania, Protector of ArgothDeranged Hermit > Vivien's ArkbowHarrow > Multani, Yavimaya's AvatarKalonian Hydra > Avenger of ZendikarRhythm of the Wild > Mina and Denn, WildbornXenagos, God of Revels > Living TwisterVraska, Relic Seeker > The Gitrog MonsterApplied Biomancy > Hydroid KrasisFrilled Mystic > Prophet of KruphixNissa, Steward of Elements > Prime Speaker VannifarEpochrasite > Chromatic LanternApostle's Blessing > Crucible of WorldsTumble Magnet > Arid MesaHeirloom Blade > Misty RainforestExtraplanar Lens > Bloodstained MireAethersphere Harvester > Flooded StrandKey to the City > Windswept Heath

Hostage Taker > Thief of SanityBonehoard > Karn, Scion of UrzaObstinate Baloth > Vivien Reid

Shard B Gone

It has been a long time since I've updated the cube, and a lot has changed. Let's get into it! Cast Out > Armageddon Am I evil? Maybe, but one thing I absolutely adore is land destruction. Just seeing the world explode, and someone still having 10 mana is exciting to me! This helps out Jeskai Wildfire and White Weenie. Diregraf Ghoul > Cabal Therapy I wanted to try Cabal Therapy and see if a more skill intensive discard spell could be good as well as a sac outlet. This is speculative and I will probably put the 2/2 back eventually. Archdemon of Paliano > Spawn of Mayhem Archdemon started off as a huge powerhouse in the cube. But as cards got stronger it got significantly weaker to the point where if you got passed it, tough luck. At this point I've just been waiting for a good replacement and Spawn fits the bill perfectly. Act of Treason > Light Up the Stage Main reason Act was in was to try and steal opponents creatures and then sacrifice them for value. That rarely happened, and the card was usually stuck to the sideboard. Light the Stage is just a really damn good card and needs to be tested with. Sweltering Suns > Risk Factor While I am a huge fan of Sweltering, Red based control just wasn't really happening and nobody played this card even if they did. So eventually it just got a better replacement. Goblin Dark-Dwellers > Feldon of the Third Path This guy is big friends with Goblin Welder and supports Mono-Red Artifact Reanimator which I hope is drafted soon. Dark-Dwellers was also mediocre. Fireball > Electrodominance Less efficient but a hell of a lot cooler. Also instant speed has already proven to be really good. Lotus Cobra > Fauna Shaman Lotus Cobra was honestly just a cool looking mana dork and I have plenty of those. Fauna Shaman enables some pretty awesome strategies which I am excited to see. Broodmate Dragon > Judith, the Scourge Diva Here's the big one. I have finally cut all the 3 color cards from the cube and I am so happy I did so. Nobody was ever drafting them, and they would always wheel. The power level just wasn't there for people to want to draft them. Only card that beat this mantra was Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh which was even better than the Ravager. From here on out I am only going to talk about the multicolor cards. Judith is busted as hell and I love it. Great card. Zacama, Primal Calamity > Connive // Concoct This is a really cool modal spell that helps out a lot of different decks. I am curious to see how it performs. Tamiyo, Field Researcher > Nahiri, the Harbinger I am happy to have Nahiri back. She was the backbone behind Jeskai Control and without her Boros was just Aggro. Now Jeskai has walkers in all 3 colors which is great for those going down that route. Mystic Snake > Frilled Mystic I was curious if the +1 power was worth the +1 green. I did see a Simic deck draft this card, but even it struggled with casting the elf. Will probably be going back to the snake soon. Chromium, the Mutable > Applied Biomancy This can and should be Hydroid Krasis. Also Nissa is going to be Prime Speaker Vannifar. I don't want to drop 50 bucks yet. Applied Biomancy isn't a half bad combat trick at the very least. Nicol Bolas, the Ravager > Rhythm of the Wild It's like Fires of Yavimaya but better! I love Gruul beatdown and this card supports it really well. Stormchaser Mage > Sonic Assault I drafted the perfect Izzet deck for Stormchaser and the card still underperformed miserably. Meanwhile in irl drafts Sonic Assault has felt completely busted. It also supports both Izzet Aggro and Control which makes it awesome imo. Mantis Rider > Expansion // Explosion Here's another reason to play Jeskai Control. Casting an Explosion for any decent number is game ending. Queen Marchessa > Qasali Pridemage Good value Selesnya creature. Sidisi, Brood Tyrant > Seraph of the Scales This card is Mythic for a reason. And so far in testing the 2 Spirit tokens have been really good and make this really sticky for those Orzhov equipment/token strategies. Siege Rhino > Momentary Blink I want this to be a Sphinx's Revelation. But I also want a flicker archetype more. I'll wait for flicker to be drafted before I have an opinion on this card. Surrak Dragonclaw > Grisly Salvage Golgari needs more enablers. What's better than 5 cards shot into the yard? I think it still needs more to be a really good graveyard deck which is my end goal. Bomat Courier > Sensei's Divining Top Why do I do this? Not entirely sure, Bomat was pretty good. It's probably going to replace Rakdos Cackler so whatever. But yeah Top is good no need to argue there. Aether Hub > Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx Mana fixing? Cool card? Mana fixing? Cool card? Mana fixi... nah we are playing the thing that lets you do busted shit. And that's the update. Long, ugly, but hey my cube is back to being fixed! Thank you for reading, hope you have a great week and an amazing Tuesday!
Cast Out > ArmageddonDiregraf Ghoul > Cabal TherapyArchdemon of Paliano > Spawn of MayhemAct of Treason > Light Up the StageSweltering Suns > Risk FactorGoblin Dark-Dwellers > Feldon of the Third PathFireball > ElectrodominanceLotus Cobra > Fauna ShamanBroodmate Dragon > Judith, the Scourge DivaZacama, Primal Calamity > ConniveTamiyo, Field Researcher > Nahiri, the HarbingerMystic Snake > Frilled MysticChromium, the Mutable > Applied BiomancyNicol Bolas, the Ravager > Rhythm of the WildStormchaser Mage > Sonic AssaultMantis Rider > ExpansionQueen Marchesa > Qasali PridemageSidisi, Brood Tyrant > Seraph of the ScalesSiege Rhino > Momentary BlinkSurrak Dragonclaw > Grisly SalvageBomat Courier > Sensei's Divining TopAether Hub > Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

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