UMA Update December 2018

Some new additions and upgrades. Miming Slime I am the least confident in. Molten Birth is less reliable but aggro tokens is too powerful anyways, so why not gamble?? Similarly, War Flare is the big downgrade from the incredibly overpowered Rally the Peasants. Sprout Swarm is next if things remain unbalanced...
Izzet Chronarch > Fire // IceStinkweed Imp > Slum ReaperYavimaya Elder > Miming SlimeJhessian Thief > Stitcher's ApprenticeKrenko's Command > Molten BirthFirebrand Archer > Ember-Fist ZuberaKjeldoran Dead > Shambling GoblinRally the Peasants > War Flare


A few additions from GRN: Severed Strands gains some needed life to get back on top for just one mana more. Loxodon Restorer is a convoke bomb to support playing big creatures with tokens, not just buffing them. Bumping Fortify to sorcery speed should help balance the aggro-token strategy a little. Cutting Impact Tremors for the same reason.
Wee Dragonauts > Izzet ChronarchFrantic Search > Aviation PioneerNessian Asp > Silhana StarfletcherKrosan Tusker > Hooting MandrillsDark Bargain > Twisted AbominationTortured Existence > Fungal InfectionDelver of Secrets > Floating-Dream ZuberaPyre Hound > Goblin FreerunnerFortify > Ethereal GuidanceGryff Vanguard > Sea Gate OracleDeep Analysis > Mana LeakImpact Tremors > Dragon EggIcatian Crier > Ballynock CohortBone Splinters > Severed StrandsTerritorial Hammerskull > Loxodon Restorer

Thermo-Alchemist > Scorched Rusalka

July Update Ad Endum

Token strategies have had a few too many bombs when drafting, so Borrowed Grace moves to the bigger list. The 5 tri-sac-lands from invasion are added alongside Skittering Surveyor to support 3 color fixing and variance through ramping.
Borrowed Grace > CaromElephant Ambush > Aggressive InstinctKiln Fiend > Mogg FlunkiesAradara Express > Skittering SurveyorExplorer's Scope > Tinder FarmDesert > Irrigation DitchKhalni Garden > Geothermal CreviceSylvok Lifestaff > Ancient SpringBladed Pinions > Sulfur Vent

Nantuko Shaman > Trusted Forcemage

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