On Fatal Push

Fatal Push looks like an auto-include on its face, but is conspicuously absent after some testing. A card that has made a major impact across multiple formats, its CMC-based removal clause even ties it to the theme of this cube. However, it essentially breaks the "strictly worse" rule for card inclusion by forcing far too many other spells into that category. Regicide, Vendetta, and Ghastly Demise are all worse, and even cards like Executioner's Capsule and Sinister Concoction are outclassed to an extent beyond their supertypes. To support more interesting choices in draft and maintain the diversity of the removal suite, Push will be left out for now.

312 Update

The goal here is filling out the ranks so that new adds and edits can be paired with cuts, keeping card quality high. Now the cube supports 8 person drafting with packs of 13. Perhaps 360 will be a goal soon? Form of the Squirrel Unstable prompted me to review the other Un-sets for worthy inclusions, and sadly this is the only one that came up. It's a bit more nuts than the Unstable additions, but if not too powerful I can see it becoming a great way to determine if drafters truly know who the beatdown is. It may prove too boring of an interaction, as I can see it being pretty easy to win with it in play barring any kind of removal. High risk high reward? Gitaxian Probe Mental Misstep is a literally format-defining card in this cube, and both Noxious Revival and Gut Shot have been solid. Glenn Jones has mentioned that too many "freebies" like these leads to uninteresting decisions, but at least for the time being the power of the Probe warrants its inclusion as part of the 312. Arbor Elf More mana dorks feels right, and this one enables some extra value with Genjus, Awaken, and other land interaction. Slumbering Dragon Great with Ulvenwald Tracker and Hunger of the Howlpack, this can make for a terrifying defensive card. The flavor is so strong that it might paradoxically encourage attackers though. Porphyry Nodes White can already be controlling enough, but this is a unique enough effect that it deserves a spot. Strengthening Bogles as an archetype and adding creatures like Scythe Tiger makes this even better. Scythe Tiger Essentially just an efficient, hard to kill beatstick, the ability to pressure decks low on creatures makes this a powerful pick. Not very synergistic, so time will tell if it earns its stripes. Wingcrafter Blue creatures = good. Transferrable evasion = good. Young Wolf Besides wild fun like pairing this with Ruthless Sniper to make it immortal, the wolf laughs in the face of removal while leading the charge in an aggressive green deck and fits nicely in a black deck with sacrifice and recursion themes. Ethereal Armor Enchantment-based strategies are getting a boost, and this enables Bogles as an archetype. There's support in multiple colors, but this is a classic. Piracy Charm A strange card. At worst its blue removal, but the range of options makes it an exciting pickup Wax // Wane A split card where both options cost 1, great. Being a decent pump spell in addition to enchantment removal means this has a home outside of sideboards. Obligatory mimicking of the Wax pose upon casting of course. Rapid Hybridization Essentially Pongify, testing should determine if a duplicate is too much. Frog Lizards and Apes are currently unsupported tribes anyhow. Midnight Charm Less exciting than Piracy Charm, the flexibility once again gives this some decent play. Signal Pest All it asks is that you turn multiple creatures sideways. Sylvan Safekeeper Stone Raining yourself to counter removal in green is powerful and fun, perhaps too powerful? Legion Loyalist An aggressive card that fits in nicely, with an anti-token ability that shores up a weakness of creature-based aggro. Spoils of Blood The dream is of course playing this post-sweeper, but it remains to be seen how frequently the payoff is there. Hyena Umbra and Spider Umbra Enabling Bogles while being powerful enough without an enchantment-based strategy makes these solid adds. Masterwork of Ingenuity Not the most exciting card, but it can replicate the best equipment on the field while still requiring some building around. Helm of the Gods Enchantment-based strategies could use payoffs other than Ethereal Armor, and this allows the armor to be swapped around. Curse of Opulence The biggest wild-card of the bunch, this shores up the cube's lack of curses. It remains to be seen how powerful receiving lotus petals is when the deck playing this will likely be an aggro deck anyhow. Perhaps leveling and awaken become easier, or it serves as unique fixing for aggressive decks?
Form of the SquirrelGitaxian ProbeArbor ElfSlumbering DragonPorphyry NodesScythe TigerWingcrafterYoung WolfEthereal ArmorPiracy CharmWax // WaneRapid HybridizationMidnight CharmSignal PestSylvan SafekeeperLegion LoyalistSpoils of BloodHyena UmbraMasterwork of IngenuitySpider UmbraHelm of the GodsCurse of Opulence

Unstable Update

More or Less Very excited about this one. The most boring use for it is simply changing toughness to 0 on a creature, making it solid blue removal. More interesting uses include discounting kicker and leveling, giving Skullclamp an equip cost of 0, making 2/1 tokens or adding +2+1 counters, etc. Cards where imagination is the primary cap on utility make for great additions. Hangman The perfect addition. Very fun, wacky enough to lead to varied and interesting gameplay, and yet entirely reasonable in terms of effects within the context of a black-bordered cube match. Time will tell whether "hangman" proves to be the most or least likely word to be chosen. Reminiscent of Fruitcake Elemental and a great Led Zeppelin tune. Blurry Beeble The glasses clause is the sort of Un-fun that I consider unfun in a largely non-silver cube, but as the first 1-drop Looter Il-Kor this is a powerful add. Perhaps the answer is to blur out the Blurry ability? Honorable Mentions: Side Quest Decently powerful and very fun, but it requires multiple games to be occurring simultaneously. If this cube gets some sort of multiplayer sideboard I can see this coming in, but having to remove it anytime 2 people are drafting, or at least playing it based on the progress of a nearby game, makes it too much of a pain to add right now. GO TO JAIL This is an interesting take on white exile, and has a level of variance that could lead to very exciting gameplay, but the name in all caps is so profoundly irritating that until I get an altered version this stays on the bench.
More or LessHangmanBlurry Beeble

Ixalan Update

Siren Stormtamer Blue still needs more creatures, and the ability to protect a suited-up attacker or a powerful token-maker makes this a solid addition. With equipment being a major theme in the cube, evasive bodies to hold them are great and the ability to protect lone threats in a removal-dense format is gravy. Shapers' Sanctuary Very excited to see this one in action. This cube is removal-heavy, and aggressive decks without some sort of evasion can lose to control decks pretty handily by being one-for-one'd until they run low on cards. This provides a great way for creature-based decks to reload regardless of how aggressive they are. Sadly it does little against sweepers, but that's certainly flavorful given the fact that the Sanctuary is a cluster of bushes and a Blazing Volley would make short work of their protection. Perhaps the jungle is just humid enough to put out individual Flame Jabs? Rigging Runner A 2/2 with first strike is great in this format, and enabling more aggressive red creature decks is sweet. The flavor text makes this an even higher red pick than it might be otherwise. In a sea of X/1's and X/2's, this gobbo should feel quite fancy indeed. Legion's Landing A 1/1 with lifelink holds equipment quite well, and lets Rakdos Vampires band together into Mardu Midrange without sacrificing tribal synergies. A more mainstream use for this will be cranking out tokens with lifelink as a great way to keep up the pressure after your go-wide tokens deck gets wrathed, and the power of Adanto makes me think it's more of a Jamestown than a Roanoke. Deadeye Tracker Of all the IXN additions this is the one I'm the most suspicious of. Testing will tell if the ability is too slow, but depending on the matchup this should be able to accrue some solid treasure. It would be strong in a dedicated mill strategy, but that is one of the few archetypes this cube is steering clear of due to the difficulty of keeping mill fun and balanced in an environment with 30 card decks and absurd 1 CMC mill cards.
Siren StormtamerShapers' SanctuaryRigging RunnerLegion's LandingDeadeye Tracker

WingedHussar's Bulk Upload!

Abundant GrowthAether SpellbombAkrasan SquireAncestral RecallAncestral VisionAnimation ModuleArcane SanctumArdent RecruitAsh BarrensAuriok GlaivemasterAvacyn's PilgrimBarren MoorBasilisk CollarBerserkBirds of ParadiseBlade of the BloodchiefBlazing TorchBlazing VolleyBloodforged Battle-AxeBloodhall OozeBloodsoaked ChampionBlossoming DefenseBomat CourierBonesplitterBrainstormBrittle EffigyBurst LightningBushi TenderfootCarnophageCarrion FeederCascading CataractsCaustic CaterpillarCenn's TacticianChampion of the ParishChronomatonClaim // FameCloudfin RaptorClutch of CurrentsCondemnConfront the UnknownCrop SigilCruel SadistCrumbling NecropolisCryptbreakerCursed ScrollDakra MysticDarkblastDead WeightDeath SparkDeath's ShadowDeathrite ShamanDelver of SecretsDevastating SummonsDevoted CaretakerDisowned AncestorDispatchDispelDizzy SpellDragonmaster OutcastDread WandererDrifter il-DalDuskwalkerElectrickeryElixir of ImmortalityElves of Deep ShadowElvish LyristElvish ScrapperEnclave CryptologistEngulfing FlamesEnlightened TutorEraseEvolving WildsExecutioner's CapsuleFaerie ImpostorFaerie SquadronFaithless LootingFestering MummyFigure of DestinyFireboltFirestormFlame JabFlayer HuskFlusterstormForge DevilForgotten CaveForked BoltFragmentizeFrontier BivouacGalvanic BlastGambleGenju of the CedarsGenju of the FallsGenju of the FensGenju of the FieldsGenju of the SpiresGhastly DemiseGhostfire BladeGideon's LawkeeperGift of TusksGladecover ScoutGlimpse of NatureGlint HawkGnarlwood DryadGoblin GuideGorilla ShamanGraf HarvestGrand ColiseumGranger GuildmageGravecrawlerGrim LavamancerGroundskeeperGryff's BoonGut ShotGuul Draz AssassinHarm's WayHerald of AnafenzaHero of Leina TowerHopeful EidolonHornet StingIcatian JavelineersIndulgent AristocratInfantry VeteranInventor's ApprenticeIsamaru, Hound of KondaJace's PhantasmJoraga TreespeakerJoraga WarcallerJungle ShrineKessig ProwlerKitesail ApprenticeKor DuelistKris MageKytheon, Hero of AkrosLab RatsLand TaxLaunch the FleetLeonin BolaLightning BerserkerLightning BoltLlanowar ElvesLlanowar MentorLonely SandbarMagmatic InsightMagus of the ScrollMardu Woe-ReaperMark of EvictionMartyr of AshesMental MisstepMerchant's DockhandMogg FanaticMolten VortexMonastery SwiftspearMother of RunesMystic MonasteryMystical TutorMyth RealizedNarnam RenegadeNatural StateNeglected HeirloomNimble MongooseNivmagus ElementalNoble HierarchNomad OutpostNoxious RevivalOpulent PalaceOtherworldly OutburstOviya Pashiri, Sage LifecrafterOxidizePacification ArrayPath to ExilePermeating MassPhyrexian ReclamationPillar of FlamePithing NeedlePlagued RusalkaPonderPongifyPreordainPrey UponProven CombatantQarsi High PriestQuag VampiresQuest for the GravelordQuirion RangerRancorReef ShamanRegicideRhys the RedeemedRush of IceRuthless SniperSacred CatSai of the ShinobiSandsteppe CitadelSanitarium SkeletonSarcomancySavage LandsScute MobSeal of RemovalSearing TouchSeaside CitadelSecluded SteppeSeedcradle WitchSelect for InspectionSensei's Divining TopSerum VisionsShadow GuildmageShattering SpreeShurikenSidisi's FaithfulSilent DepartureSinister ConcoctionSkarrgan Pit-SkulkSkin InvasionSkitter of LizardsSkullclampSkywatcher AdeptSlagwurm ArmorSlippery BogleSlither BladeSmeltSol RingSoldier of the PantheonSoul-Scar MageSpikeshot ElderSpindrift DrakeSpontaneous MutationSteel WallSteelshaper's GiftStitcher's GraftStoneforge MasterworkStormscape ApprenticeStromkirk NobleStudent of WarfareSunblade ElfSunlanceSwords to PlowsharesSylvok LifestaffTemple of AbandonTemple of DeceitTemple of EnlightenmentTemple of EpiphanyTemple of MaladyTemple of MaliceTemple of MysteryTemple of PlentyTemple of SilenceTemple of TriumphTenacious DeadTerramorphic ExpanseThassa's IreThawing GlaciersThraben GargoyleThraben InspectorThraben Standard BearerToolcraft ExemplarTortured ExistenceTown GossipmongerTragic SlipTranquil ThicketTraverse the UlvenwaldTriton TacticsTwinblade SlasherUlcerateUlvenwald TrackerUnearthVampiric RitesVampiric TutorVandalblastVapor SnagVendettaVeteran ExplorerVexing DevilViridian LongbowWarden of the First TreeWeathered WayfarerWind ZendikonWolfbitten CaptiveZulaport EnforcerZurgo Bellstriker