Cut Commons

These are the commons I cut from the set but still have on hand in case I need them as I incorporate Rivals of Ixalan. Some of these are just terrible, but others are role-players that could find the right fit as the build evolves.
DemystifyRitual of RejuvenationSpell PierceHeadwater SentriesDuressSpreading RotRileDemolishBlinding FogAncient BrontodonUnknown ShoresCobbled Wings

Original Card List (Ixalan Only)

Adanto VanguardAir ElementalAnointed DeaconAnointed DeaconAtzocan ArcherBelligerent BrontodonBellowing AegisaurBishop of RebirthBishop of the BloodstainedBishop's SoldierBishop's SoldierBlight KeeperBlight KeeperBlossom DryadBlossom DryadBonded HorncrestBoneyard ParleyBrazen BuccaneersBrazen BuccaneersBright ReprisalBurning Sun's AvatarCall to the FeastCancelCancelCaptivating CrewCharging MonstrosaurChart a CourseColossal DreadmawColossal DreadmawCommune with DinosaursCommune with DinosaursConqueror's GalleonContract KillingContract KillingCostly PlunderCostly PlunderCrash the RampartsCrash the RampartsCrushing CanopyCrushing CanopyDaring SaboteurDark NourishmentDeadeye PlunderersDeadeye QuartermasterDeadeye TormentorDeadeye TormentorDeadeye TrackerDeathless AncientDeeproot WarriorDeeproot WarriorDeeproot WatersDepths of DesireDepths of DesireDesperate CastawaysDesperate CastawaysDinosaur StampedeDire Fleet CaptainDire Fleet HoarderDire Fleet HoarderDire Fleet InterloperDire Fleet InterloperDive DownDive DownDreamcaller SirenDrover of the MightyDual ShotDual ShotDusk Legion DreadnoughtDuskborne SkymarcherElaborate FirecannonEmissary of SunriseEmperor's VanguardEncampment KeeperEncampment KeeperEntrancing MelodyFathom Fleet CutthroatFathom Fleet CutthroatFathom Fleet FirebrandFathom Fleet FirebrandFavorable WindsFell FlagshipFiery CannonadeFire Shrine KeeperFire Shrine KeeperFirecannon BlastFirecannon BlastFrenzied RaptorFrenzied RaptorGilded SentinelGilded SentinelGlorifier of DuskGoring CeratopsGrazing WhiptailGrazing WhiptailGrim Captain's CallHeadstrong BruteHeadstrong BruteHeartless PillageHierophant's ChaliceHierophant's ChaliceHijackHijackImperial AerosaurInspiring ClericIxalan's BindingIxalli's DivinerIxalli's DivinerIxalli's KeeperIxalli's KeeperJade GuardianJade GuardianJungle DelverJungle DelverKinjalli's CallerKinjalli's CallerKitesail FreebooterKumena's SpeakerLegion ConquistadorLegion ConquistadorLegion's JudgmentLegion's JudgmentLightning StrikeLightning-Rig CrewLookout's DispersalLooming AltisaurLooming AltisaurLurking ChupacabraMakeshift MunitionsMarauding LooterMarch of the DrownedMarch of the DrownedMark of the VampireMark of the VampireMerfolk BranchwalkerNest RobberNest RobberNew HorizonsNew HorizonsOne With the WindOne With the WindOptOptOtepec HuntmasterPaladin of the BloodstainedPaladin of the BloodstainedPerilous VoyagePillar of OriginsPious InterdictionPious InterdictionPirate's CutlassPirate's CutlassPirate's PrizePirate's PrizePouncePouncePriest of the Wakening SunProsperous PiratesProsperous PiratesPrying BladePrying BladePterodon KnightPterodon KnightQueen's AgentQueen's AgentQueen's Bay SoldierQueen's Bay SoldierQueen's CommissionQueen's CommissionRaging SwordtoothRaiders' WakeRallying RoarRanging RaptorsRaptor CompanionRaptor CompanionRaptor HatchlingRavenous DaggertoothRavenous DaggertoothRepeating BarrageRevel in RichesRigging RunnerRiver Heralds' BoonRiver Heralds' BoonRiver SneakRummaging GoblinRummaging GoblinRun AgroundRun AgroundRuthless KnaveSailor of MeansSailor of MeansSavage StompSeekers' SquireSentinel TotemShadowed CaravelShaper ApprenticeShaper ApprenticeShapers of NatureSheltering LightShining AerosaurShining AerosaurShipwreck LooterShipwreck LooterShore KeeperShore KeeperSiren LookoutSiren LookoutSiren StormtamerSiren's RuseSiren's RuseSkittering HeartstopperSkittering HeartstopperSkulduggerySkulduggerySky TerrorSkyblade of the LegionSkyblade of the LegionSkymarch BloodletterSkymarch BloodletterSlash of TalonsSlash of TalonsSleek SchoonerSlice in TwainSnapping SailbackSpike-Tailed CeratopsSpike-Tailed CeratopsSteadfast ArmasaurStorm Fleet AerialistStorm Fleet ArsonistStorm Fleet PyromancerStorm Fleet PyromancerStorm Fleet SpyStorm SculptorStorm SculptorSun-Crowned HuntersSun-Crowned HuntersSunrise SeekerSunrise SeekerSure StrikeSure StrikeSwashbucklingSwashbucklingTempest CallerTerritorial HammerskullTerritorial HammerskullThrash of RaptorsThrash of RaptorsThundering SpinebackTilonalli's KnightTilonalli's KnightTishana's WayfinderTishana's WayfinderTrove of TemptationUnclaimed TerritoryUnfriendly FireUnfriendly FireVampire's ZealVampire's ZealVanquish the WeakVanquish the WeakVerdant RebirthVerdant Sun's AvatarVineshaper MysticWaker of the WildsWalk the PlankWanted ScoundrelsWatertrap WeaverWatertrap WeaverWildgrowth WalkerWind StriderWind Strider

Additional Observations

Here are some additional observations I had as I put this set together. TRIBAL ARCHETYPES PRIORITIZED Unlike Tarkir and other more generic sets, Ixalan got right into these archetypes from the get-go, with very little dilly-dallying with generally useful suites. Sure, the best cards will fit into any deck, regardless of their tribal affiliation, but they're still *best* in their tribe, and if you pick them early, you're hoping to max out other their synergy by ending up in their tribe. MANA CURVE ISSUES? Unfortunately, without a second set to fill gaps and smooth out curves, I was left with a lot of "exceptions"--4-drops in slots for 2-drops or the random extra Vampire slotted into a Pirate suite. There wasn't much wiggle room, since in the end I'm excluding only three cards (2 commons, 1 uncommon) in each color. EMPHASIS ON COMBAT TRICKS As with Tarkir and Theros, there are some notable trends at the "bottom" of the set, but instead of dragons or enchantments, this time it's combat tricks. Their presence isn't surprising, since commentary on the set has highlighted their prevalence and importance. Every color has a bit, so battlefield shenanigans should be quite common in play. CHOOSING RARES TO (DE)EMPHASIZE ARCHETYPES Rather than just grabbing the cheapest rares (though cost is a factor), this time I'm carefully selecting them to support the various archetypes evenly. With Theros, I remember all the cheapest rares in red were for BR Minotaurs, which I didn't realize till I'll already purchased and started playing the set. In fact, I used the rares to amp up or tone down archetypes that seemed too weak or strong, respectively. For example, I gave Vampires and Merfolk just one rare each, since both my spreadsheet and online commentary indicate these are by default the strongest decks in the format. In contrast, I've got three rares pushing the Explore deck, since it has so little filler in the lower echelons and its cards are in such high demand in other decks. Meanwhile each Pirate/Dinosaur deck gets one or two rares. The main thing missing here is Flyers, which has to share its rare with Pirates, but it's got enough support elsewhere that it should be doable nonetheless; besides, who cares--this deck is getting old.

Archetype Notes

My first impressions of the archetypes were as follows: PIRATES (UBR) This seems like the messiest archetype to me. The multicolor uncommons imply distinct strategies for each of the color pairs, but these strategies bleed across all three colors. It seems impossible to be in Blue Pirates without working treasure into the mix, making UR and UB less distinct. Raid is in all three colors. Even if it was just in UR, it encourages attacking, which is exactly what the "aggro" BR Pirates wants to do. To top it off most of the card draw spells--ostensibly used best in a control deck--want you to attack to get the draw, so even UB "control" will be attacking. To top it off, the top end of the curve is notably it just seems like all three decks want to be attacking all the time. DINOSAURS (RGW) I can see why this was considered weak, as every pairing has an issue. Red's aggressive creatures pull you in the opposite direction from Green's defensive creatures, so RG doesn't seem like it would be consistent. White's dinosaurs seem to lean a little more toward Green's slower play, so GW might in theory be pretty strong, but it's probably out of place in a largely aggressive format. Finally, White doesn't really give Red enough tools for a complete RW Dinosaurs deck, which is why people are saying it's more of a generic aggro deck. I think if you're able to get *all* the cheap dinosaurs and some combat tricks--including the ones that care about dinosaurs--this deck has a shot, but that's asking a lot of your fellow drafters. Depending on how the other archetypes shake out, I might amp this one up a little. MERFOLK (GU) This archetype seems to have taken care of itself. Green supplies a solid suite of top tier cards, including a choice rare, and then both Blue and Green provide ample backup of filler cards. There aren't any gaps or wrinkles in the curve. Moreover, at least a couple of these creatures are hexproof, making them good targets for the auras in the set as well as the numerous counters you can create within this archetype. While a number of Blue's Merfolk might fit in a WU Flyers deck, there seems to be plenty to go around. From the perspective of my spreadsheet, this looks like a well-crafted solid deck, so it's no wonder veterans seem to think it's one of the better ones in the format. VAMPIRES (WB) At this point, Vampires is also looking very strong. It's got plenty of support among top-tier cards, with a whole suite in White and a strong rare in Black, and then it fills out nicely with a full suite in each color in the lower tier. There are even more of them when you look at White's suite of flyers, and they're still looking strong, even after I removed a sweet rare in White that I though impinged on BG Explore too much. I might have to tone this crew down even more. FLYERS (WU) With nearly all of the flyers in one tribe or another and no multicolor card to signal this archetype's existence, it's probably a little hidden. Blue seems to have the deepest bench of evasive creatures, so this very well could be more like Uw Flyers, but I'm probably going to include a choice rare flyer in White just to send a stronger signal. (Of course, that flyer is also a dinosaur...) EXPLORE (BG) This archetype wasn't nearly as buried as I thought it would be. Its cards are highly regarded, so they easily populated top tier suites. But then they tapered off just as quickly, and therein lies the problem. Because explore is a generally useful mechanic, cards in the upper echelon are in demand in any midrange Black or Green deck. Therefore drafters are left with slim pickings early on and then find nothing left for them later. I'm supplying two rares for this archetype and might want to swap out the "graveyard matters" rare in White, which is going to place even more demand on these cards--from another color too.