Ultimate Masters Update!

Check out the full post on thepaupercube.com for more information!
Strip MineMobile GarrisonGuardian AutomatonSphere of the SunsRuned ServitorAven Surveyor > Mnemonic WallExtremely Slow Zombie > Moan of the UnhallowedStronghold Confessor > Slum ReaperFrilled Deathspitter > SparkspitterRazorfin Hunter > Goblin ElectromancerDimir GuildmageTravel PreparationsGolgari RotwurmFire // IceFresh-Faced Recruit

A Quick Guilds of Ravnica Update Correction

Recoil > Dinrova Horror

Guilds of Ravnica Update

Mardu Hordechief > Hunted WitnessSailor of Means > Dimir InformantAcademy Journeymage > Watcher in the MistMental Note > Hieroglyphic IlluminationThought Scour > RepealCrippling Fatigue > Vicious OfferingDinrova Horror > Whisper AgentTravel Preparations > Rosemane CentaurCunning Strike > HypothesizzleGrisly Salvage > Rhizome LurcherGrim Contest > Undercity Uprising

Core Set 2019 Update

Looks like I didn't actually update this right away—my apologies!
Sergeant-at-Arms > Gallant CavalrySupply-Line CranesScreeching Skaab > OmenspeakerGrixis Slavedriver > Sultai EmissaryHired BladePursue Glory > Viashino PyromancerAct of Treason > Trumpet BlastGoblin InstigatorBeneath the Sands > Elvish Rejuvenator

Harrow > Nissa's Pilgrimage

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