War of the Spark Update

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GO TO JAIL > Law-Rune EnforcerSeeker of Insight > Erratic VisionaryMakeshift Mauler > Aven EternalSoul of the Rapids > Thunder DrakeLeave in the Dust > Callous DismissalWaterknot > Kasmina's TransmutationPit Keeper > Lazotep ReaverDeadeye Tormentor > Toll of the InvasionDriver of the Dead > Herald of the DreadhordeSoulstinger > Tithebearer GiantRend Flesh > Ob Nixilis's CrueltyTenement Crasher > Grim InitiateGoblin Trailblazer > Burning ProphetSkirk Marauder > Raging KronchBrazen Wolves > Ahn-Crop InvaderVoldaren Duelist > Pillar of FlameSarkhan's Rage > HeartfireThundering Giant > Honor the God-PharaohBasking Rootwalla > Vivien's GrizzlyWild Instincts > Band Together

Ravnica Allegiance Update

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Rishadan Airship > Skittering CrustaceanMardu Skullhunter > Blade JugglerKeldon Overseer > Burning-Tree VandalBarbed Lightning > Skewer the CriticsIvy Elemental > Wrecking BeastTime to Feed > Titanic BrawlPit Fight > Savage SmashHarsh Sustenance > Final PaymentBeetleform Mage > AeromunculusFrilled Oculus > Applied BiomancyLawmage's BindingKathari BomberFrenzied ArynxImperious OligarchGrowth SpiralEager ConstructYotian SoldierSlash PantherLurking AutomatonBlazing Torch

Ultimate Masters Update!

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Strip MineMobile GarrisonGuardian AutomatonSphere of the SunsRuned ServitorAven Surveyor > Mnemonic WallExtremely Slow Zombie > Moan of the UnhallowedStronghold Confessor > Slum ReaperFrilled Deathspitter > SparkspitterRazorfin Hunter > Goblin ElectromancerDimir GuildmageTravel PreparationsGolgari RotwurmFire // IceFresh-Faced Recruit

A Quick Guilds of Ravnica Update Correction

Recoil > Dinrova Horror

Guilds of Ravnica Update

Mardu Hordechief > Hunted WitnessSailor of Means > Dimir InformantAcademy Journeymage > Watcher in the MistMental Note > Hieroglyphic IlluminationThought Scour > RepealCrippling Fatigue > Vicious OfferingDinrova Horror > Whisper AgentTravel Preparations > Rosemane CentaurCunning Strike > HypothesizzleGrisly Salvage > Rhizome LurcherGrim Contest > Undercity Uprising

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