Small Update

The Capture Sphere > Deep Freeze change was mentioned in the Blue update, but wasn't reflected in the card list. Stasis Snare was swapped out for Banishing Light to be more all around useful against nonland permanents. Will keep a close eye on the balance of strong artifacts/enchantments and their removal.
Capture Sphere > Deep FreezeStasis Snare > Banishing Light

Artifact Update Pt. 2

Equipment and artifact update. Dowsing Dagger was removed due to the logistics of double-faced cards, as well as the lack of enthusiasm from drafters, much as I would love to see its ramp used in decks. Overall, the power level of the equipment needed to be raised and so that bears out with most of the additions. Armory of Iroas - Was in the initial design list, though was cut I think because I believed maintaining the power continuity on Banshee's Blade would've been more interesting. But given the reliance on +1/+1 counter synergies in the cube, I believe adding it back in is the correct choice. Mask of Memory - A better Rogue's Gloves, which were the initial consideration. Also included because Curious Obsession is a tad expensive. Sword of Vengeance - An inclusion to raise the general power level of the equipment in the cube. Generously donated by a friend. Screaming Shield - The one defense-oriented equipment. Also to further support incidental milling. Sands of Delirium - More support for milling. Infiltration Lens - I've had my eye on this equipment for some time. I like the interesting tension this has for the defending player. While it give no stats, I hope that its cheap cost makes it tempting for fast, aggressive decks. Fireshrieker - Another generous donation, again hoping for splashy equipment to drive excitement. Sparring Construct/Filigree Familiar - After doing some more reading on cube design discussing the value of the colorless section giving drafters options when picks aren't great, I decided to include these two as generically solid creatures that would fit multiple archetypes as a buffer for wonky packs.
Dowsing DaggerBanshee's Blade > Armory of IroasMask of MemorySword of VengeanceScreaming ShieldSands of DeliriumInfiltration LensFireshriekerSparring ConstructFiligree Familiar

Artifact Updates Pt. 1

Wanted to overhaul equipment for the longest time. First pass at the underperforming ones. I've also cut the mana rocks. Considering all the different ways I have to fix mana in the cube, this affords me space to either add more compelling equipment or colorless creatures to help smooth out drafting.
Prophetic PrismPrismatic LensDarksteel IngotCobbled WingsPrying BladeTrue-Faith CenserBladed Bracers

Minor Updates

Wanted to make some adjustments to Black's access to token generators as well as outlets to pay life.
Carrier Thrall > Ghoulcaller's AccompliceBloodsoaked Champion > Skirk Ridge ExhumerPhyrexian Rager > BloodtrackerMarrow Chomper > Poison-Tip Archer

Updates to Multicolor

Skymark Roc - Played with this card recently in the guild kits. A remarkably good tempo card. Has a cute combo with Warkite Marauder. Fireblade Artist - A perfect fit for the Rakdos aristocrats archetype. An easy inclusion that I had my eye on since RNA was first spoiled. Macabre Mockery - A solid reanimation spell to help punch through with some extra damage. Opening a foil copy during pre-release didn't hurt, either. Prepare // Fight - I was never comfortable with the redundancy between Common Bond and Reap What Is Sown. Thankfully, Prepare // Fight does things that the color combination wants as well as providing more action for two colors that normally have issues with card advantage. Regal Bloodlord - So happy this was printed in M19. Another perfect fit for the mix of lifegain and creature sacrifice. Growth Spiral - Instant speed land drop for Landfall purposes. I'll miss the body on Coiling Oracle, though. Sharktocrab - The tempo disruption with the super tapping plus the +1/+1 counter theme makes it a strong inclusion for the Simic colors. Looking forward to shenanigans with Skyrider Patrol. Fluxcharger - Continuing the theme of reducing the reliance on prowess, looking for more one-shot benefits from spellslinging. The ability to swing for 5 looks to be a strong finisher for Izzet tempo.
Thunderclap Wyvern > Skymark RocShambling RemainsDemonspine WhipFireblade ArtistMacabre MockeryReap What Is Sown > Prepare // FightSentry of the Underworld > Regal BloodlordCoiling Oracle > Growth SpiralLorescale Coatl > SharktocrabBloodwater Entity > Fluxcharger

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