LloyJac's draft of revengeanceful's Peasant+ Cube on 08/03/2019 by LloyJac

Rocky start - p1p1 is reassembling skeleton, which seemed great until all the +1 counter stuff started showing up. I switched 3rd pick on a sapphire drake (being the 3rd pack with some counter support) I hedged second pick with a cenn's tactician thinking it could support both a counter theme or be good in aristocrats or tokens or what have you. After I found a niche it was easy to find something to pick each pack - even without counter support there would be a generically good creature in colors or a spell that could prove useful, etc.

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  • Draft
  • Pack Count: 3
  • Pack Size: 15
  • Bot Count: 7

Deck - 40 cards total (17 Lands, 17 Creatures, 6 Other)

Sideboard - 18 cards