Louredfern's draft of Cube Slatronica on 15/03/2019 by Louredfern

Hey Mike! I first picked the kiln fiend, hoping to go U/R or maybe W/R. A few picks later I got pteremander, abrade, and Baral, which really pushed me toward U/R. Spirebluff canal wheeled in pack 1, which helped my mana out. In pack two, I luckily opened a Niv-Mizzet, then was passed a scalding tarn. When I was faced with a pack with a good red card and a good blue card, I went with the red one to keep a little more aggressive and not run out of gas. A pack 2 thing in the ice was great to see, as I'm a bit creature light. I think since it is a spell deck it is ok to be lighter on the creatures, though. I picked up a frost titan because I didn't notice the ancestral visions, but that somehow wheeled for the bots, so I ended up with both. I wish I could play this deck for real so I could electrodominance + ancestral visions!

  • Draft
  • Pack Count: 3
  • Pack Size: 15
  • Bot Count: 7

Deck - 40 cards total (17 Lands, 12 Creatures, 11 Other)

Sideboard - 20 cards