WG Little Kid Beats (misdraft) by banty

This is... okay. It seems that there's very little going on here, though. The +1/+1 counter synergies are present, and relevant enough, but there's not a lot of spice here, and given the paltry card selection I picked up, I can see it running out of gas against a more midrange-y or controlling deck pretty quickly. Biggest problem (imo): Despite seeing all the WG cards currently in my list, I kept passing on them for top-shelf white or green cards at the same mana cost. This is probably partly power creep, but primarily, it's because my WG section isn't very exciting and doesn't offer a lot of direction. I'll have to address that somehow, without further congesting the pair at the 3-drop point, which it seems to want to do very badly!

  • Draft
  • Pack Count: 3
  • Pack Size: 15
  • Bot Count: 6

Deck - 40 cards total (16 Lands, 18 Creatures, 6 Other)

Sideboard - 18 cards