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But emphasizes that scientists also agree on many factors Choose clean It is according to Seidell always best to select a lot of clean vegetables clean fruit and beans nut products milk seafood toasted bread breads and veggie oil Do not consume much sugary fluid And forget about plicated plex factors such as freezing pizza instant items sweetened cruesli and so-called healthy and balanced 'vegetable cookies' with all kinds of less healthy and balanced components Many individuals know about what healthy and balanced eating is but acting on it is not always simple It requires 'food skills' to always create the healthy and balanced option in the shop on the street in the kitchen and in canteens We need to enhance that skill said Gerda Feunekes director of the Nourishment Middle at the ' State of Nutrition' symposium Foods skills Our food skills are in danger of being missing said Feunekes during the symposium ' State of Food' that was held in The Hague on January People increasingly outsource factors such as repairing clothing maintaining .

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