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Pages of medical fictional performs. Information, when it comes to this, is accessed knowledge for the doctors and data for the clients. It's always hard to educate, because what you're really doing is changing behavior. Progressively, we're definitely changing the mind-set of doctors and clients, changing the way they view and cure the absence of locks. That is huge, and one of the key reasons Unilever put in the company. What we did was raise the bar by introducing a new category in the medical proper care route that remained low compertition. That's how we disrupted the market, where now you see many doctors using Nutrafol as an honest replace men and some women. We also have several writers in the company who imagine how we can turn this into world simple and digestible for those. We want people for making outstanding choices. With Nutrafol being top quality products, but lots of people experience from this issue everywhere -- How do you ensure the procedure available for all who need it? Giorgos Tsetis: Another excuse Unilever was forced to accompany us is that we really concentrate on three applications. Direct.

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