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Many people cannot handle growing old. Some may look into the mirror and want to look as good as they did when they were younger. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look younger, and maybe going to the plastic surgeon may also not be a bad idea. The problem arises when you feel all down and get all panicky about something that you should accept with maturity. If you want to be perfect, you may end up feeling guilty, lacking motivation and blaming yourself for everything. There's no point fretting over something you cannot change. The truth is that you may never look like you looked when you were thirty. Here's the catch: You can definitely feel the way you felt when you were thirty! On the flip side, many people may use their age as an excuse for their lack of zeal towards the issues of life. A lifetime of worries has worn them out. If you feel that your life is done at 60, it would never motivate you to have the right attitude towards sex. Good sex begins in the mind, so if your self esteem is good and you have the right attitude, the rest will be very easy.

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