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Apocalypse Survival Checklist

What are your options when you are [url=] Alphanation Combat Fighter Review[/url] out in the woods without any food? Wild berries are easily identified, they are just a little smaller than the store-bought berries, readily available, taste delicious, or at least some of them do, and are usually high in vitamin C. Berries that you are likely to find on the trail include strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Try tasting some of those berries. If they taste like what they look like you are good to go. If they don't taste good, spit them out. The only berries you need to worry about in North America that can poison you from just tasting are poison ivy berries, which are white. So if you are unsure avoid all white berries. There are a lot of other berries you might want to try including thimbleberries, high bush cranberries, currants, service berries and rose hips to name a few. Get yourself a good book on edible plants to take with you on your next hike. Practice identifying different edible plants in case you might need them in the future. [url][/url]

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