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The only way to combat this is to change how we feel about these foods. Try making a list of all the amazing things you will get to see, feel, experience, and enjoy if you eat better and have endless energy and vivacious health. Next, make a list of every single bad food you eat and every single bad thing that you will experience if you continue eating this way. What will you lose? How depressed will you be? Will people see you as fat? How will you feel about that? How will you feel about yourself? What health problems will you encounter? You get the idea. Make the list as hard hitting as possible. Pin the list up and read it every single day! What this is doing is extraordinarily important. It is rewiring what your brain associates pleasure to. Each time you look at the list of bad things that will happen you will swing the pendulum back in the other direction. Over time you will lose your taste for many of these foods.

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