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2 Reasons Why You Should Offer Something For Free On Your Site

Generally, when a person is going to view a website on their smartphone, they are looking for something specific. Perhaps an address, a phone number, a contact name, email address, etc. The slower download speeds and the smaller screen resolution make typical web browsing impractical. Having just the important content available and easily accessible on the mobile site can improve the quality of the user's experience. Depending on the type and the content of the website, not every page and link has to be available on the mobile site. Too much unnecessary content can defeat the purpose of having a mobile version of the website. Also keep in mind that not all users will want to view the mobile version of the website. Always include an option for them to view the regular non-mobile version of the site. Sometimes a completely alternate mobile version of the website is not needed. Again, depending on the website, it is possible that a landing page made specifically for smartphones and mobile devices can be used instead. The mobile landing page can include only the important content and contact information with a link to view the regular website. A mobile landing page can also be used as a temporary page to let your mobile visitors know that a mobile version of the website is in the works.

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