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Treat My Corns With Urine

Putting your feet into tightly fitting shoes has always been a recipe for corns. The first thing which you notice is that you have an annoying little red spot. After a while this turns yellow with a clear centre and you know that you have got a corn and you have to sort it out. The best way to do this is to take it to your foot health practitioner and ask her to deal with it. However she will only be able to do so much in one visit so what do you do when you go home to keep that corn at bay? Here are a few ideas: Wear Shoes Which Fit and Don't Rub Never wear tightly fitting shoes. This is basic common sense. Tightly fitting shoes are always a recipe for corns. High heels will produce thickened skin and corns on the ball of your foot and over time can injure your foot permanently. Corns are created by excessive pressure on the skin. If you put your feet into shoes which are tight or which have high heels the extra pressure causes the skin to be stimulated to grow thicker in order to protect itself from the pressure. It is this reaction from the skin which starts the formation of a corn. It is entirely natural.Wearing ordinary flat shoes is the best remedy if you have corns and you know that your shoes have caused them. Just remember shoes which are too small squash the toes and create corns. Shoes which are too big cause your feet to rub and make corns. High heels throw your entire posture out of balance. If you wear them too often your spine can become affected and your internal organs will continually be placed in the wrong positions.

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