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And Where Does This Leave Me

that my life would more accurately represent the person and relationships I desire. How will I ever Oh yes, I forgot, I already am the perfect person, God made me that way! What I do with perfection is my choice. Just as Adam and Eve are reputed to have thrown all of the wonderment of walking with God, away, to be doomed to walk in constant searching for His presence, I face that same choice daily. When I arose this morning, the first thought on my mind, was more to the effect of how to slip from beside my Granddaughter and hit the floor in order to give me a few minutes of time to prepare for my day of business, before finding myself sitting under one or the other of them throughout the day. I made it! I am now sitting at this computer tapping away at keys, without any request for any thing. I know that I most certainly would not want this type of single atmosphere to be my constant state, however, for a while it is nice, in that it allows for me to be whom I am to be, without the input of those around me.Ever consider how nice contrast is? Without contrast, we would be unable of recognizing anything good! Those things which are good, only show up after we know what is not good. I love to write, or rather, I love to express what I think, be it in writing, or speaking, notice I did not say, conversing, because that is a different thing. To write is easy, no one in particular has to be seated in front of you listening, you simply place characters upon a page and watch them take shape.

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