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How to Use Forex Trading For a Living

Try paper trading your strategy first Paper trading is always important for any new strategy. You need to test your new set of rules first by trading paper money using old historical price data. This is as close as real trading results you can get. Another way to speed up this lengthy process is using MT4 strategy tester using programming codes for your trading strategy. While this may not be reflecting real time trading, but it is a good guide to determine if your trading strategy is profitable or not. VPS and shared dedicated server I used the above trick and run 7 trading account on 7 separate metatrader4 software on VPS and shared dedicated server and found it to be running smoothly. The windows 2008 server operating system see each software as an entity and allocate individual resource to run it. Personally, I can run multiple account and charge trader usage of my Expert advisor including server maintenance fees. Am using build 209 at that time.

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