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Is Your Grocer's Fresh Produce Really Fresh? Try Looking At The Garbage

Urge to move the legs You may feel an extreme urge to move your legs, this can be very uncomfortable as you cannot control it. The pain may subside temporarily after movement. Pain stops upon movement The sensation in your legs usually stop upon movement of the legs and returns again soon after you stop moving. This can be very frustrating as you feel the need to keep your legs moving at all time. This can lead to disturbed sleep or insomnia. Restlessness You may feel restless, you can't keep your legs still as they start to ache and you can't sleep because your legs ache. It is all a vicious circle. Worse when lying or sitting The pain is likely to worsen when you are sitting down or lying in bed. Staying still for long periods of time may trigger the symptoms of RLS. Try walking around if you feel the symptoms start to come on. Insomnia Because you are having trouble sleeping, you get tired and insomnia can set in. You just can't sleep anymore, this can influence your whole life. Sleeping tablets may aid you into getting a good nights rest but will not stop the pain.

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