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Why Do Most Women Struggle in Their Relationships With Men? Here Is What They Don't Understand

There are so many women who seem to have a lot of trouble handling the relationships that they are in. While relationships need hard work, they don't need to be painfully harrowing. Here are some of the reasons why a lot of women struggle in their relationships with men.They look at the wrong sources for advice The primary reason for most women struggling in relationships is that when they are faced with a man problem they look for the right advice from the wrong sources. Talking to inexperienced girlfriends to looking up random magazines is not what gives you the right advice but ends up setting unrealistic expectations.They don't try to get the problem A lot of women don't understand that the nature of the problem that they are dealing with and end up creating a problem for themselves. Instead of understanding the problem first and then looking for a solution they jump to the next stage of looking for a solution and hence get everything wrong. They feel that they need to be with their man at all timesOnce they are in a relationship, most women feel that they should spend as much time as possible with their man. But what they do is spend "all" of their time with their man. This gives the man the authority that he needs over her and hence makes the relationship balance tip in his favor.They read too much into things If a man says that he has no problem then he means exactly that. But some women don't accept this trait and believe that there is more than what meets the eye always. It is because they try to read too much into things that life and the relationship becomes a struggle for them.They try to change and dominate a man Some women struggle in their relationship because they believe that they can change a man. To get this change in place they begin to behave in a dominating manner which doesn't go down too well with the man making the relationship hard to deal with.

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