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The False Promises of Fast Weight Loss Diets

Celebrations, food, drinking and weight loss or a desire to lose weight seem go hand in hand - the happier the occasion the more the eating and drinking there is. Before long, what seems, in hindsight, like five minutes on the lips has translated into more than a few inches on the hips. Then you have to deal with what for most us is an unpleasant task - getting rid of the unwanted pounds. And it is natural to go for anything that will get rid the extra weight as soon as possible - big mistake! So do not be tempted by the "quick fix" solutions such as pills, powders, packaged meals and lotions that only work for while and do not actually teach people how to lose weight and keep it off. The truth of the matter is this; the diet industry relies on that people will go for them even if they do not work. Losing weight and keeping it off requires a life style change.

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