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How to Prevent Alzheimer's And Dementia

Few people have the luxury of taking the time they truly need for their grief work. Families, jobs and other daily responsibilities are not able to be put "on hold" while we grieve. Being able to sit with others on a regular basis-as is offered through a group experience-often is the only time many find in which to actively allow themselves to process all that they are experiencing. Because the group is composed of individuals with varying lengths of time passed since their loss, members are able to see others who may be a few steps ahead of them on their grief journey. This experience allows them hope that it can be done; that someone can traverse the incredible pain they are feeling-and survive. Likewise, there is tremendous reward in serving the needs of another grieving individual, and in recognizing how far we may have come ourselves. Group work provides this perspective on our own journey as well as, offering hope for others.

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