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Are You Looking For a Natural Remedy Or Natural Cure For Ovarian Cysts?

The best laid plans are ones that start early.Women can begin to enter peri menopause as early as 35 yrs old or the moment you have a hysterectomy. Some where in our mid-thirties a woman's body begins to drop in the production of hormones related to reproduction. You really may only notice more acne this would be due to higher amounts of testosterone. To be clear you aren't making more male hormone you are making less female hormones. Also if you are having children the changes dues to child bearing will imbalance your hormones. The best thing you can do is get a full hormone work up done. What is the best way to get a hormone workup?Blood serum results of hormones can be as much as 50% off of the correct readings for your hormones. That is because they are protein bound. This is to stay they are not in the form that is absorbed in your body and the blood shows the excess amounts not the amounts that are in your tissues being used.Since most health insurance plans do not cover urine or salvia testing of hormones doctors are reluctant to prescribe this kind of hormone test. But you should go the extra mile and pay out of pocket to have the best testing it will pay off with added years to your life that you have full cognitive functions and more if you take your health and aging seriously. How old should you be when you start looking at your hormones and healthy aging?Once a woman or man reaches their mid-twenties they can begin to keep track of their hormone levels. This goes against most western science in that you don't bother with it until it's broke or not working right. This would be true if we didn't have high degrees of stress in our lives, birth control medicines, and process or preserved foods in our diet.

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