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Pendulum Test As Part of Candida Treatment

Is it really possible to get ovarian cysts after a hysterectomy? As weird as it may seem, yes it is entirely possible.Many women can report having developed ovarian cysts after a hysterectomy. It is also not so uncommon to get cysts after having had the ovaries removed.A few years ago, the norm would have been to remove both ovaries as well as the uterus for the women undergoing a hysterectomy at the age of 45.Things have changed and doctors are a lot more cautious now. They now tend to leave the ovaries as they are most of the time. The reason for this is very simple. The ovaries still play an important role after the menopause and produce some oestrogen even though in small quantities. It has been shown that a woman with their ovaries still intact may be less at risk of developing a heart attack as well as the terrible osteoporosis. The research also showed that these women were less likely to die before the age of 80.Of course, if your ovaries are still there, then the chances of getting an ovarian cyst is greater and you should pay attention to your body and any unusual sign.Did you know that even after your ovaries being removed, some ovarian tissue may still be there within your body and could be just enough to start an ovarian cyst?

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