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Integrating Lace Frontals

Bikini Waxing: This is meant to make the skin around the ever-shrinking bikini coverage area free of body hair. As most women's bikini area skin is much more sensitive than other areas, asking your esthetician to use smaller strips of clothes (at least for the first time) is recommended. There are different options for a bikini wax: the American bikini wax (leaving a triangle of pubic hair); Playboy waxing (leaving a "landing strip" of pubic hair); or full Brazilian waxing (removing all pubic hair - front and back). Brazilian Waxing: This means waxing to remove all body hair from around and above the vagina, and also from within and around the butt crack (to use a commonly-understood term). Many believe this trend was popularized as women started to wear thong bikinis (popular in Brazil), and did not want to show body hair in the front or back. The actual origin of this term and style is more likely to be a group of 7 Brazilian sisters, who helped grow the trend in their New York City waxing salon in the 1980's. Other areas that are commonly waxed include: toes, back, arms, lip, chin, and underarm. A Good Waxing Salon: There are hundreds if not thousands of waxing salons in San Diego. Don't just choose the cheapest waxing salon in your closest strip mall. You will most likely regret it if you do. Ask around, read online reviews, and ask for their staff's qualifications. A truly professional waxing esthetician wants to give you the look you want, with minimal discomfort. Tell them if you have any requests or apprehensions prior to the waxing procedure. If you like your esthetician, make sure to ask for them again next time.

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