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Arjuna Had Dronacharya, Sachin Had Achrekar, What About You?

Typically when we see successful people we see them as if they have a classic halo over their heads. There is an air of invincibility around them. I mean looking at Sachin Tendulkar walk into the stadium, we are awestruck (as are most of the bowlers all over the world).I guess there is also this whole romantic/heroic notion attached with the lone ranger, the man who conquers all, walks alone, fights alone (bollywood anyone or hollywood for that matter). It is also a syndrome of the fairy tales that we grew up with I guess. But then, thinking about it the other day, I wondered how many unsung heroes are there behind the heroes at the forefront. How many Gary Kirsten like coaches smiling in the background while their prodigies bask in glory.How many coaches have you had in your life?The other ailment that occurs regularly at the corporate level because of this lone ranger mentality is that most people feel if they are to succeed they have to do it alone. As a result of which I see countless young executives struggle and fume and fret their way through various challenges learning through trail and error due to lack of a dronacharya in their life. Somehow, it's not macho to ask for help from someone. Or our dear friend "Fear of Rejection" (What if they refuse to help us? Who am I to ask HIM? She must be too busy for someone like poor little me) shows up. I suffered from a different disease called "I know it all" a few years into my career. So, I didn't ask cause I thought I knew more than those around me anyway. The result of this is frustration, trails and errors and more errors when all I had to do was ask and I would have saved myself a lot of sorrow.Running has taught me the value of a coach. I had a coach after a long time since I started running recently (registered for the Mumbai half marathon with my wife) and the amount of improvement that I've seen in myself both physically as well as at running has been phenomenal. One of the key reasons behind this is the help of professional coaches (Thank you Samson & Nitin Sir). I'm sure I would have not been half as successful had I decided to go the lone ranger way. Imagine the kind of difference a coach can make in our corporate life if we use them. The kind of errors that we will reduce, the kind of pain and frustration that we will have less of.Who would want to coach me? Where will I ever find a coach? It's OK in case of a sport but who has the patience to deal with people in our busy corporate lives?There's an old saying "When the student is ready, the teacher appears!"

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