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Strategic Internet Marketing

Customization is the back-end of the production-process. It are IT abilities that make it possible to serve and produce content/products/services on the personalized needs and demand of the customer, it's not yet always profitable, due to scaling and the market, but the first steps are being made.(Mass) Customization can refer to two areas of application: First of all, customization refers to the context within the same range as personalization, that users can modify the website to their needs and only display what is wanted. Secondly, Mass customization can be defined as a complex business strategy, which goal is to produce goods and provide services on a large scale, customized to the individual needs of every customer with the efficiency of mass production. (Mass) customization can be aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction because they purchase their content/product/service customized by their individual preferences. The Internet is the perfect medium to support mass customization in keeping the costs at a minimum level. Both personalization and (mass) customization are powerful means to attract users and customers, increase loyalty and retention, which paradoxically is achieved by the input of the customers themselves. Collaboration is the -already- initiated way of conducting business amongst each other and towards end-users. Think dialogue instead of appointing, think prosumerism instead of production. Having in mind personalization and customization, collaboration is the effect of the two.

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