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What do you think of the forum?

Like everything on Cube Tutor, the forum is cube specific. I've noticed that it hasn't been used a lot in the last few weeks. Do you think the forum would be better if it was site wide, or do you like having a private space to discuss your cube?

2013-05-21 08:50
I like that the people I cube with can post about my cube with their thoughts or comments. I had a similar function with the Google Doc that contained my list previously, and people would (intermittently) comment about whether they thought a card wasn't good enough, or an archetype was over/under represented with their initial thoughts about changes.
2013-05-23 17:22
I personally think most of the discussion will be taking place on some of the larger mtg forums. I think this is a great place to discuss personal cube lists amongst friends who may not feel as comfortable posting on more public forums, however.
2013-06-28 23:37
Personally I feel like it'd be nice if the comments part of each cube was open to posting even when not saving a deck, and that "the forum" was only one single joined forum for the whole site. Like the last poster above I think the amount of posting will be fairly limited anyways :)
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