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Who Wants a Summer Body Fast?

Two things that most of us long for are more time and more money, Trouble Spot Training Review just to get regular errands done. If you have an active lifestyle, you know all about the hoops you have to jump through to get an exercise session in. Here are three ways to free up more time and money for your workouts. Run or bike to commute - Grab a change of clothes and bathroom essentials, stuff them in a backpack, and go on foot to work or school. Alternatively, add a storage unit to your bike, and bike to work. If showers are not provided at the places you frequent, take some baby wipes and no rinse shampoo to clean yourself up after your workout. Consider running or biking back home, or take public transportation if conditions don't allow. Get everything ready the night before - Before you hit the sack, gather all the exercise gear that you will be needing the next morning, and put them in one spot, or in a backpack. This includes your shirt, shorts, socks, underwear, shoes, and hat. Also, if you run with gadgets like Ipods, heart rate monitors, headlamps, or even your cell phone, make sure that they are fully charged and functional. Go with lesser known brands - When you are buying the most popular brand, a lot of your dollars are going towards that brands advertising costs. You are basically paying to make that brand popular, or for the salaries of high paid executives. When you go with a lesser known brand, you can often get the same features and benefits. For example, a Sony mp3 player often has the same functionality as an iPod mp3 player, and sometimes even more. Another big example is custom orthotics versus over the counter orthotics. Podiatrists will charge upwards of four hundred dollars to make a pair of custom orthotics for you. However, pharmacies will often have a Dr Scholls machine that will scan your feet and recommend a number of over the counter orthotics that range from twenty dollars to sixty dollars typically.

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