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What Did You Do With Your Time?

What is the most useful thing that you can use your time for?The clock is ticking, each moment of your time is precious. Every second of your time is valuable. If you had to record each moment of your day, how would you judge each moment. It could be said that you are the judge of your life, how would you evaluate the day which just ended. Was it a valuable day, if you looked back on your life, what would you say was your biggest achievement during the day. Did you feel that you achieved the things you set out to achieve at the beginning of the day? What would you celebrate?What were the things that you were extremely happy and joyous about? What were the most tangible things that you achieved? If you were a judge examining your day, do you feel proud of the things that you achieved during the day? Really think about it, what do you think that you could have done better. Were there things that you might have changed if you had a second chance to run the day again. It could be said the biggest judge is yourself, It could be said that you are the person within your mind. What thoughts do you think were beneficial, and what thoughts do you think were foolish? Who is responsible for your life?It has been said that people who tend to fail to achieve things in life do not take responsibility for everything in their life; may be it is the case that they look to blame systems, situations and other people for the things that are wrong in their life. But shouldn't everyone take responsibility for their own life, and actions. Could it be said that people who take responsibility for everything in their life.

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