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Miraculous Life Saving Courses

Keep one car's gas tank full at all times. The reason? It is because you may need to exit your area and put great distance between it and you, especially if rioting breaks out. Keep 3 gallons of water per person in your car. Also, find that flashlight you never use and put it, along with several blankets, in the trunk. Put as much of your food as possible in the car, too. Put it in there as soon as you lose your job or can't afford to drive to work anymore. Why? It is because you don't want to have to load the car if you need to exit quickly. You can always take the food from the car when you need to use it in your house, but trying to quickly load a car causes too much chaos and you will forget something. Get your car ready to leave even though you may never go anywhere. What if you need backpacks for everyone but have neglected to buy and prepare them until now? You can make a bugout bag from a pair of jeans by cinching the waist with rope, then using the legs for straps. Put lightweight food, some rope, a good knife, 1 change of clothes, matches or another kind of fire starter and a heavy piece of plastic and your Bible in there. Use the rope to string between 2 trees and put the plastic over the rope to make a tent. Use rocks to keep the plastic shaped like a tent and in place. Use your Bible to find out the plan God has made for believers to escape these things. If you are on the run, so will others be. Try to find people to travel with. Be willing to do whatever is required to create a community.

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