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Rosacea Treatment To Minimize Symptoms

void Triggers You may notice specific situations in your life or environmental factors that make your symptoms worse. If you can recognize and then avoid these triggers, you may be able to reduce your overall symptoms. Your triggers will likely be unique to you because everyone is different. Some more common causes of symptoms include sun exposure, stress, exercise, alcohol consumption, humidity, steam from a hot shower or bath, spicy foods, cosmetics, dairy products, and hot or cold weather. Laser Treatment Laser therapy can be an effective rosacea treatment. Two options include pulsed dye lasers (known as PDL) and intense pulsed light (known as IPL). With laser therapy, you may notice reduced redness and a reduction of bumps and pimples on the skin surface. For the therapy, tiny lasers emit light onto visible vessels sitting just beneath the surface of the skin. The heat from the lasers increases in the vessels, which eventually causes them to break apart and disappear. Initial redness and swelling will probably be present immediately after the laser therapy, but this subsides within about 24 hours. Sometimes skin peeling or bruising occurs, which will disappear within 10 days. Expect to repeat the therapy every six weeks for at least three appointments. Oral medication is a common rosacea treatment option. Some patients take antibiotic pills to control swelling and to reduce pimples. Long-term use of antibiotics can lead to resistance to the bacteria-fighting properties of the medication. To avoid this situation, a different medication has been developed specifically to treat this condition. This new type of doxycycline medication reduces skin inflammation without killing bacteria, so resistance will not occur.

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