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Desperately Trying to Lose Weight

Does your weight weigh you down? Your goal it to shed so many extra pounds to enhance your self-image. Think again. How you perceive your image goes deeper than losing weight. It follows that obese people have poor self-image. So skinny people can pride themselves with excellent self-image. Skinny people exude self-confidence and they project beauty. Losing weight does not necessarily equate to a boost in self-image. If it was low to begin with before a weight loss program, this part of you need attention. You alone can define your self-image. Being overweight and self-image are not truly and mutually dependent. Weight loss clinics have spawned multi-million dollar industries and reality shows. And it keeps growing. There is no lack of new information on how to lose weight. Listen to the commercials and it strongly suggests that being overweight gets in the way of presenting a beautiful person. You are encouraged to sign-up for a program that guarantees weight loss within a certain period of time. You are expected to follow a strict exercise, diet and nutrition regimen, all focused on your physical side. You come out a beautiful you, considerably streamlined, down a few dress sizes. Is weight loss all about building up your self-image? Yes, once again you can wear a bikini or get into that black dress. Ask yourself, does this weight loss really change the level of your self-confidence? There are beautiful people who have low self- image. Some researchers see reflections of childhood issues of being a fatso, so in adulthood, despite considerable weight loss, self-image has not improved. Hang-ups are just that- get over these, or it will hang you. Befriend the image you see in the mirror, overweight or not. Very cliche', but the eyes reveal the inner you, your very soul. Do you project a happy, confident and vibrant person, or a lonely, angry person with that blank look? Look deep within to see the real you. Yes, it is important to maintain a healthy weight, which varies from person to person. But don't focus on your waistline. Deal with what needs to be improved upon, how you present yourself to the world shows how well you take care of you, overweight or not. Physical appearance does matter. You want to go out there in the world looking presentable and knowledgable. These features certainly exude self-confidence. Enhance what is truly beautiful, for deep down, we are all beautiful.

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