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Make Your Relationship Stronger - No Sex For Now

"The Mind Game Tactic". You can truly send women on a rollercoaster of emotions with a particular tactic, which would require you to move away the minute she begins to show some interest in you. If done carefully, your woman of choice will end up running after you out of pure attraction and frustration. The worst thing you could do when approaching a woman would be to show her how excited you are at that prospect and being far too excited the minute she shows some interest in you. What you should do instead is back off and make her come to you. If she has to run after you, you can relax and let her do all the work. After you have done the entire chasing game, more women will flock to you naturally because you will come across as different compared to all the other men who want her. The simple answer as to why women play mind games is simply because they can. But delving further into this idea of playing a man's emotions against himself brings up several theories. One being how men view women and how women see themselves and other women around them. Society divides women into two categories: the 'Good' girls and the 'Bad' girls. The problem with these classifications is that women fall into the trap of believing they are either one or the other, when in fact, they are a little of both. Listed below are several mind games and your appropriate response. Playing Hard-To-Get The 'Good' girl loves this and is a pro at it because half the fun is in the chase. The 'Bad' girl can make it a wild goose chase if he's not the man she thought he was The truth is, women only play hard to get when they know they can get away with. Establishing what is important in the beginning of your relationship sets the tone for sincere discussions.

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