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Recognizing (OCD) Hoarding Symptoms

But there is hope.They block out[url=]Memory Hack[/url] people from their lives as well as keeping people out of their homes. People who keep junk and clutter up everything with that junk are seen as lazy and not responsible. Hoarders rarely are lazy however - They simply have a mental disease that they don't recognize or accept. They may be very depressed over something or have a very low self-esteem. Sometimes their only way to cope is to hoard all of the items they feel comfortable and at ease with.It certainly doesn't mean you are a hoarder if you have a lot of clutter in your home. Everyone does and it is expected and tolerated and doesn't generally cause any problems. A cluttered home environment doesn't mean that the people who live there are debilitated in any way. On the other hand, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) hoarding is a mental condition and people suffering from it need professional help.Compulsive hoarders make up a very small portion of the general population. He or she is obsessive about their possessions and absolutely will not (and cannot) get rid of them. They live in absolute chaos, with everything crammed onto counters, shelves, in hallways, entryways, and so on. Most compulsive hoarders do not realize and will not admit that they have a very serious problem. These people think everything is important and must be kept, no matter what shape or condition it's in. Many hoarders even refuse to take out the garbage because they feel there is some value to it.Hoarding OCD is a mental illness that requires some type of intervention if a cure is to be found. The person who hoards is often ridiculed by family and friends and eventually becomes isolated and socially withdrawn. The items the hoarder keeps are usually worthless and are often unclean. They can be very dangerous and a true hazard to anyone entering the home. This makes a hoarder's residence a place that isn't fit for visitors so they tend to stay away. Compulsive hoarders often find themselves unable to bathe because their bathroom is completely filled. They also can't sleep because their bed is covered with too many possessions. And eating becomes a chore because there is no place to prepare meals, no place to store fresh food and nowhere to clean up afterwards.OCD hoarding can be treated by a therapist or other mental professional. These providers often combine intensive therapy along with antidepressant medications. Most of all, the hoarder needs the support and love of his or her family and friends to get through the very difficult, and sometimes long, recovery process. [url][/url]

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