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Five Principles of Skin Care For Women

We understand that it is absolutely no fun to look for and research the ingredients necessary for these creams to work. There are only a few of them that need be included but each of them plays a crucial role in the entire quality, so do not settle for foot creams that only have one or a couple of these ingredients, be sure it contains them all. To begin with the foot cream should have a Shea Butter base. Shea butter is a fantastic moisturizer and it also seals and protects the skin as well. For this reason, it should be the base moisturizer in the foot cream. But foot creams must also contain ingredients that can deliver a medical grade healing of the skin, that is where Super Sterol Liquid comes in. Super Sterol is a cholesterol that can penetrate and heal the most dry and damaged skin. Perfect for cracked heels and split tissue common with severely dry skin, super sterol liquid is a must have if you want quality. There are also some essential oils that must be included as well. Karanja Oil and Neem Oil are a combination that works highly effectively on the treatment of wounds. Dry feet have damaged tissue that needs this attention and these two ingredients will do so better than any.In addition to the healing of this damaged tissue and dry skin, it is also important to soothe and relax the feet so that it is able to heal itself more effectively. For this you must need a few other oils and extracts. Peppermint oils and Eucalyptus oils are among the favorites to accomplish this goal however experts say that by adding Manuka Oil, the foot is given a boost in healing. For that reason, we obviously recommend the use of all three of these oils.Do not worry guys finding a foot cream that has each of these ingredients is not nearly as hard as you may think. You can even just search the ingredients on Google, or better yet search for the best foot creams and then read the ingredients. Purchasing the foot cream that has each of these ingredients is a no brainer from there, not to mention simple.

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