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Measures To Save Someone From A Heart Attack

While we are well aware that we can not [url=]Combat Shooter System Review[/url] store our bodies up on enough water to last us we can however ensure that we start with a completely hydrated body condition. Prior to starting on a bug out or a hike as in my case, drink at least a full liter of water. This will ensure you are completed hydrated when you start out. Ever year on every continent, disaster strikes. It might be a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire or a whole list of natural disasters. No one thinks it will happen to them, but if it happens to you and your family, do you know how to survive? This is a big question, and the answer could mean the difference between life and death. That leaves us with one alternative. You must know and be familiar with the area that you are heading for. You have to know in advance where you can find a source of water, be it a stream, lake or river. In addition, you will need to carry a water purifier with you at all times. Some purifiers are fairly inexpensive costing approximately $35 dollars and has the capability of filtering over 100 gallons of water. Naturally the actual number will vary according to the water you are filtering. In America, most families rely on money to save them. This is a reasonable solution. However, in a natural disaster access to money and supplies may be limited. Banks and stores are closed during disaster. So you can't depend on them. There is something else to consider. People panic and what is normal becomes abnormal. What use to be a community of law-abiding citizens will change. Looting and anarchy will probably prevail. During these times, knowledge of survival and planning could be the difference between life, death and permanent injury. [url][/url]

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