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How Your Emotions Affect Your Weight

We all have good days and bad days. We also have what we consider fat days and thin days. Have you ever stopped to think that these two factors may be related? Yes your emotions and your self-esteem can play a big part in your weight loss or unfortunately your weight gain. When you are feeling good about yourself and happy, everything seems so much easier. You spend time with friends and family either in person or by phone and you feel more energetic. Even the house gets an extra spring clean! Somehow your family seem more important, you find time to play with your children and even manage to do an hour of craft before making dinner.Having both your mind and body active also helps the body lose weight. You are not looking for comfort food as you are too busy doing things you enjoy. However, on the other side, if you are feeling sad and depressed, things are not that easy. Sometimes, even getting out of bed is an effort, as all you can see ahead is hard work and no one to thank you for doing it. The children are arguing and take too long over breakfast and miss the school bus, which means an unexpected trip in the car and you are not even dressed yet! When you come back, what do you do? Yes that's right, put the kettle on and have a cup of coffee. That in itself is fine but the biscuits and cake you have with it are not. They may make you feel better at the time, which is why it is called comfort food but they will lower your self-esteem next time you look in the mirror and see the extra bulges. Not only that, because you have had a bad start to the day you feel miserable and do not feel like doing the housework which results in no incidental exercise. As you can see emotions do affect your weight loss journey, so to keep yourself on track, prepare for the bad days. Make sure that you can go to the fridge and snack on those bad days, by always having healthy snacks available, like cut up celery and carrot with a home-made salsa to dip in. You may eat a few more calories those days but you will not do the same damage as you do when eating cakes and biscuits.

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