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Getting Indented Listings For Internet Marketing

SEO techniques work great to drive[url=]The CB Cash Code [/url] traffic to your website but Internet marketing experts go further by getting indented listings on Google to turbo-boost the number of clicks and visits. Indented or double listings display two or more results coming from one website: the most relevant result on top and the second related result appearing as indented.Search engines constantly go around the Web, view fresh content uploaded everyday and rank these accordingly. When they spot two or more articles in one website that pertain to the same topic or carry the same keywords, these search engines respond by displaying the most relevant result first, followed by the linked pages. Getting multiple indented lists on the top 10 results of search engines is much sought after because these can significantly increase the number of clicks and visitors on your site. And there's a technique for achieving this.You'll need the following to be able to get indented listings:One website.Search engines only display indented lists of two or more pages coming from the same website. If possible, create one that is supported by a robust content management system like that of WordPress. You can also get a WordPress SEO plug-in to automatically display related posts in your webpage. Quality content Basic SEO techniques such as posting quality SEO content still apply here. You'll need some great articles with the right keywords that are optimized for search engines. You can write quality content following expert techniques or have a SEO writer do this for you.Internal links.Make it a habit to keep a list of article titles and their corresponding URLs or links in a separate document file. Update this every time you post a new article or content. Continue linking the same keywords every time you post fresh content on your website. Linking many articles using the same keywords will result in deep linking and increase your site's chances of getting indented listings. If you're using WordPress, there's a plug-in that you can add which automatically generates related links after each post and links keywords among different articles for you.Leverage content in your article database by substituting keywords to match the ones you use in your fresh batch of articles. Review previous content and replace some keywords to match those found in your fresh batch of articles. Link these articles as well to get multiple indented listings. [url][/url]

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