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Your 10 Steps to Weight Loss Success

Start exercising in small steps. Take the dog for a walk, walk by yourself for 15 minutes after dinner, this provides a great relaxing period and gives you time to think. Play ball, go for a swim, put the radio on and dance to your favorite tunes, try belly dancing! Anything that you enjoy. Park your car at the back of the parking lot. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking up and down your basement stairs is great exercise too. Drink water frequently, this tends to fill you up, keeps you hydrated and your skin will start to look and feel better within days. Don't overheat your body, if you feel cool your body actually has to use calories to warm your core temperature up. Write down everything you eat and be totally honest with yourself! You may find that you are way over your calorie intake and can find several areas to cut back on your calories simply by reducing your portion sizes. Overall, small steps to achieving your weight loss success can easily be obtained. Being consistent is key, and before you know it your small steps will turn into new habits automatically. People all over the world are trying to crack the weight loss code. What I'm hear to tell you is that when you hear of all of those success stories about people miraculously losing a lot of weight, they didn't do it with magic. In fact, there are 3 common mistakes that they probably did not make, but the majority of people who are struggling with losing weight unfortunately do make. They don't eat the right kind of breakfast. When I say the right kind, I mean one that is low in fat, but high in nutritional value. Sitting down in front of a plate of pancakes smothered in maple syrup isn't exactly going to help with solving your weight loss problems. Opt for eating an omelet instead, or maybe some scrambled eggs (or however else you like your eggs) with a couple slices of bacon. They're not watching their blood sugar. A lot of times, when people start counting calories and watching the numbers that pop up on the scale in their bathroom, they forget about all of the other metrics that are crucial to their weight loss success.

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