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Increase Your Weight Loss During a Diet With These Simple Steps

Have you ever been pointed at wherever you go by the others, and often wondered whether they are talking about you or about the bulging belly that is so good in hogging all the attention? Well, if that is the case, this is the moment for a strict decision. Do you want to know how to lose the fat from your stomach? If so, go ahead and read on: There are some things called stomach exercises which will allow you the opportunity to reduce your stomach fat as easily as possible and that too by practicing only 2 to 3 times a week.The first exercise that you can use is called the Lift. Here, just lie on your back and you can use a small rolled up towel or pillow for comfort if you need it. Now while keeping your back, head, shoulders and hips on the floor, try to raise both of your legs at least 18 inches from the ground. Your feet should be touching each other and your legs must be straight. Holding this position, count to 20. Then lower your legs by 4 inches and again count to 20. Keep on counting after lowering your legs little by little, and this process should be repeated at least 3 times. At the last time, you legs must be only 2 inches from the floor. Your arms should be pinned by your side for this, and try to relax. Your abdominal muscles should be strained. If you cannot keep the count up till 20, start with a smaller number and then work your way up to 30. The next exercise is called the Penguin. Here too, you will have to lie on your back. First, your legs should be straight with your heels touching the floor. Your arms must rest at the side. Now glide your right leg to its side by a few inches while you must slide your right arm at the same time downwards as if meaning to touch your leg and ankle. Your shoulder and neck must stay flat on the floor. Then return to your original position and start again, this time with your left side.All these steps would help you to know how to lose the fat from your stomach. They are highly effective even though a little tiresome. But you know what they say- without pain, there is no gain.

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