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4 Overlooked Foods For Good Health

When you have the flu, chicken soup is a must. It warms up the upper respiratory system and it was proven to contain chemicals that fight the cold. So no matter how many calories it contains or how much this will affect your overall calorie count, you need it. More importantly, this bowl of soup is yours because you are sick and is counted as an added benefit rather than a substitute for one of your meals or snacks. Eliminating some of your daily food to make room for it is not a good option, which will definitely cost you the nutrients your food plan already contains. So whenever a certain food is going to help you, eat it and do not worry about the calories until you recover. Get the rest you need: Following a diet plan is the only way to lose weight, alone or combined with a recommended exercise routine. Exercise promotes weight loss and helps your diet plan move faster, but a sick body is usually unable to handle the extra fatigue. This is especially important if your sickness is muscle or bone-related. Again, do not remove any meals from your diet because you stopped the exercise that burns their calories. Enjoy your rest and eat well till you get well. Reconsider those supplements: Many dieters are given supplements by their doctors to make up for whatever vitamins or minerals their body might miss when they follow a diet plan. If your sickness demands that you take a certain vitamin or combination of vitamins, re-evaluate what you are already taking and compare it with what you have to take. Make sure you receive everything you need and in the right doses. Remember it doesn't last: Unless you suffer from a chronic disease, do not dwell on the lost time. Taking care of your sick self now will help you get better and back on your feet to get started again and with better results. Contrarily, taking your sickness lightly will worsen your case and prolong or may even stop the whole process.

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