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Dave Ruel's Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Reviews

To make it worse, you feel as though you have tried just about everything you can possibly think of to gain weight. Unfortunately, you have not had any real success with any of those methods. All you want to know right now is what your options for gaining weight really are. Generally speaking, there are only two things that will change how much you weigh, and those things are exercise and the food you eat. Now, while it's true that you may be able to gain weight by eating all kinds of fat-laden junk food, it certainly won't be healthy and you will be doing more harm than good. But you can switch to a diet that's high in protein and healthy calories. Why would such a diet work. Well, it doesn't technically work on its own. Instead, you need to follow effective exercises for gaining weight. This usually means lifting weights. However, you should try to go for fewer reps of heavier weights as this is what will add more muscle mass to your body. If you are skinny, then you are well aware of all of the various programs that promise to help you gain weight. And if you have tried any number of them, you probably found that they didn't quite live up to all of the claims they were making. So, what gives. The problem with so many weight gaining programs is that they were made by people of average (or above average) weight. While they may work for some people, they simply won't work for people that are naturally thin. Therefore, be sure to look into the person who developed whatever weight gain program you are interested in. If they used to be skinny, then you can have confidence that they have a better understanding of the problem.

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